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Fanfic / Strange Days

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Strange Days is an Ace Attorney fic of the alpha/beta/omega genre. It was written by Saevam, also known as synnefo-nefeli.

When Apollo unexpectedly presents as an omega, he is thrust into a world of sexual tension and pack politics. Worse, he garners the entirely unwanted attention of serial killer Kristoph Gavin, who wants revenge on him for the events in canon. At least Apollo's friends at the Wright Anything Agency are doing their best to protect him...


Pairings include Klavier/Apollo/Clay, Phoenix/Edgeworth, and Athena/Simon.

This fic includes the following tropes:

  • Bad Liar: Simon's insistence that he's to blame for Metis' murder is accepted- not because it makes any sense, but because nobody can prove he's lying even though he obviously is.
  • Deliberate Values Dissonance: Type matters more than gender, so male omegas bathe with female omegas, male alphas with female alphas, and so on. This scandalizes Apollo.
  • Fantastic Racism: As an omega, Edgeworth fought through a lot of discrimination to become Chief Prosecutor (some of it from his asshole foster father).