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Fanfic / Spider Mike Spiderman

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No cuts, no buts, no coconuts!

SpiderMike Spiderman is a fanfic written by Stinkfly3. It was inspired by Wreck-It Ralph and it features most of the cast from the Total Drama franchise.

Summary: Mike Austin longs to be as beloved as his game's other playable characters, including his friends Cameron Watson and Anne Maria Peterson. Problem is, Mike has zero popularity due to not having any real powers. But the gamers do love the others... so when a modern, first-person shooter game arrives featuring tough-as-nails Jo Dawson, Mike sees it as his ticket to popularity and happiness. He sneaks into the game with a simple plan—win a power boost—but soon screws up everything, and accidently unleashes a deadly enemy that threatens every game in the arcade. Mike's only hope? Zoey Maple, a perky and cheerful glitch from a game that combines roller skating and archery who might just be the one to teach Mike what it means to have popularity. But will he realize he is good enough to become a popular character before it's "Game Over" for the entire arcade?


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