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There's darkness brewing in Shiroyama, and it's neighboring town, Furukata, unbeknownst to anyone- darkness that could threaten to overtake the entire world if not stopped. The Loveless, a group of people with special powers, have appeared and have been using their abilities to create cursed pieces of jewelry, known as Dark Gems, that hold the power to steal away all of the love and affection within a person's heart, and replace it with hate. What's more, once these gems gather enough corruptions, they'll turn the people possessing them into Dark Gem Monsters, who proceed to go on a rampage. The Loveless are lead by Garnet, a cruel and heartless man whose ambition is to erase love from the world, replacing it with only hatred and anger- starting with Shiroyama and Furukata.

In order to stop this, a mysterious guardian from another world, named Pearl, has appeared and has begun to seek out those with the power to stop the Loveless- the legendary Precure. But if finding these girls isn't easy, then making them work together as a team and get along is even more difficult. Complications are provided by the warped personality of the supposed leader, Cure Diamond, and the aloof and mysterious Cure Emerald's complete unwillingness to have anything to do with the rest of the Precure. But if they plan to beat The Loveless and save not only Shiroyama and Furukata, but the rest of the world, they're going to have to learn how to.


Sparkle Precure is a Pretty Cure fanseries created by bekuki, centering around the gemstones and other precious stones, and love (all forms of love, not just romantic). It can be read on Fanfiction.Net. Its wiki page can be found here.

Pretty Cure:

  • Naiya Iemochi (Cure Diamond): The main character and leader. A Tsundere with a bad habit of saying mean things, who genuinely wants to change herself; but that's harder than she thinks. Her weapon is the Diamond Sword.
  • Nodoka Jo (Cure Ruby): A romantic girl with big dreams of love; she's been rejected numerous times in the past, but never lets it get her down. Her weapon is the Red String of Fate.
  • Ruriiro Kahaya (Cure Lapis): A shy, withdrawn girl who seems to have a completely different personality online. Her weapon is the Lapis Orb.
  • Yuusei Kahaya (Cure Lazuli): Ruriiro's more outgoing and vocal twin brother, who initially clashes with Naiya. His weapon is the Lazuli Staff.
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  • Safu Maehata (Cure Sapphire): An Olympic gymnast hopeful, a boisterous and loud girl who is very high energy. Her weapon is the Rainbow Ribbon.
  • Naruki Nagahama (Cure Emerald): A mysterious and aloof Precure, who initially refuses to work with the rest, or even reveal her true identity. Her weapon are the Emerald Twin Fans.
  • Usami Odaka (Cure Topaz): An albino girl who can quickly see past Naiya's facade, and is already in a steady relationship. Her weapon are the Hanging Bells.
  • Ameiro Ryusaki (Cure Obsidian): A cheery and positive teenage girl, who possesses a strong sense of optimism and a dark past. Her weapon is the Obsidian Bow.
  • Kizuna Saeki (Cure Jade): A hardworking money love, she's the treasurer of the Shiroyama High School student council. Her weapon is the Jade Scissor Blades.


  • Pearl: The Mentor Mascot, a cute white platypus who lives with Naiya after crashing in her window one night.

The Loveless:

  • Garnet: A heartless and cruel man who seeks to wipe out all forms of love and affection in the world. The leader of the Loveless.
  • Moonstone: Garnet's right hand woman, she is a woman with light based powers. She's very devoted to him- if not his cause.
  • Amethyst: The most malevolent member of the Loveless, a woman with wind powers.
  • Opal: A young girl who is introduced as the final member of the Loveless, she appears to have gravity powers.

This fanseries contains examples of:

  • Ambiguous Gender:
    • Yuusei's best friend, Akira, and that's the way they like it.
    • For that matter Yuusei seems pretty indifferent about pronouns as well, and doesn't really seem to care much what people refer to them by one way or another.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Cure Obsidian's powers are darkness based, she's definitely not evil- or even very mean.
  • Forced into Evil: Moonstone doesn't agree with the Loveless' goals, but she goes along with them because she doesn't want to be separated from Garnet.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Moonstone, after finally finding some resolve, betrays Garnet.
  • Light Is Not Good: Moonstone possess light based powers, but she's one of the villains.
  • Take a Third Option: When faced with the decision to either give in to Garnet or to kill him, Naiya and the other Cures vow to save him instead. They do.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Ruriiro and Yuusei have gray hair, while Amethyst has purple, and Opal has blue with green streaks. Hoshi's hair is pink as well.

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