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Sorry About The Mess is a Frozen (2013) Fan Fiction about what happens to Elsa, Anna and Kristoff after the events of the movie. An ambassador from Weselton has arrived to try and make amends with Queen Elsa and the rest of Arendelle, bringing gifts and an official apology from the King of Weselton. Not all is as it seems, though, as one of the items that came with the ambassador has a mind of its own and will stop at nothing to bring about its dark purpose.


It can be found Here

A prequel named "Elsa and the Wendigo" is being written at the moment. It deals with Elsa and Anna's punishment of Hans for his actions towards them as well as addressing the notion that a number of ice creatures now notice Elsa's power and are being drawn to it, in particular the titular Wendigo, an Algonquin monster with powers over winter.

Sorry About The Mess contains examples of:

  • Angels, Devils and Squid: The basics of the supernatural. Grand Pabbie, The Mirror and the various member of an unnamed third tribe were once all part of the same group but they parted ways some time ago for various reasons
  • Apology Gift: Weselton sent at ship full of them to Elsa, Anna, and a few for Kristoff in an attempt to apologize for the Duke's attempt at killing Elsa. Each gift has a personal note attached to it and most of them fit the recipient like a glove. Elsa, Anna and Kristoff are each more than a little Squicked out by how much attention the Duke must have paid them in order to get them just the right gifts.
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  • Artifact of Doom: The Mirror.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: Olaf. Zig-Zagged, as at first he seems entirely unaffected, though later he gets just as drunk as everyone else.
  • Casting a Shadow: Anna gains Shadow magic midway through the story in contrast to Elsa's Ice magic.
  • The Corrupter: The Mirror as Anna uses it more and more.
  • The Dreaded: The Witch Queen of the North and the return of Shadow magic.
  • The Drunken Sailor: The sailors on board Lord Derek's ship decide to see who can drink more: Lord Derek, their liege lord and the ambassador from Weselton, or Olaf, the sentient snowman. It doesn't end in Lord Derek's favor.
  • Exotic Extended Marriage: The trolls believe in Polyamory with wives having multiple husbands while any one of those husbands may have multiple other wives as well. Kristoff says that for a time he had five fathers and three mothers.
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  • Marry Them All: Taking a leaf out of Kristoff's familial book, this is how Kristoff, Anna and Elsa solve the problem of who gets to stay with who.
  • Fantastic Racism: A few different times.
  • Nightmare Sequence: Lord Derek is forced to relive the most wretched, terrible moments of his life and see his worst fears come to life after Anna uses Shadow magic on him. Played with, as he doesn't see monsters or the like but instead relives the moment he was forced to kill his wife for hours on end.
  • Power Perversion Potential: After having grown up with almost no contact with people, Elsa had some interesting ideas on how to utilize her ice powers in regards to her ability to create living snowmen.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Anna and Elsa, respectively, although it's Zig-Zagged since as the story goes on they each take on some tendencies of the other.
  • Running Gag: Several, such as Weasel Town and Lord Derek's bets with Jenkins.
  • Shout-Out
    • Kristoff's sword was crafted by an expert Spanish swordsmith named Domingo Montoya
    • Grand Pabbie marries Kristoff, Anna and Elsa through the authority granted him by The One Above All
  • Start of Darkness: Played with, as Anna starts to become evil due to the Mirror's influence on her, though she is saved by Elsa and Kristoff.
  • True Name: Grand Pabbie's name is not Pabbie, but is in fact Dovregubbens, The Mountain King. As such, Kristoff's "troll name" is Dovregubbensarving, The Mountain King's Heir, which makes him a troll prince with a mouthful of a name.
    • This is also something of a test, as this is a fact that will be revealed in time but at the moment isn't published anywhere just yet.
  • Wham Line: "She melted in his arms and for a brief, shining moment all was right in the world and he tried to pretend that everything was as it once was. Then he pulled the dagger from his belt and that dream ended."


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