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My Little Pony: Sora's Misadventures in Equestria is a Fusion Fic between My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and the Kingdom Hearts universe written by author Codex92.

Starting after the events in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Sora feels upset over having failed his Mark of Mastery exam whereas his two friends, Riku and Kairi, have become Keyblade Masters ahead of him. Feeling he needs more training before he can retake the exam, Master Yen Sid gives Sora a set of coordinates that leads him to a far-off world somewhere in the galaxy. Sora accepts without asking why and sets off for the unknown world. Due to being in a hurry and a non-stop flight on his Gummi Ship, it malfunctions as it arrives to the destination and Sora crash-lands in a field where he is found by a certain orange farm pony and her little filly sister. Thus, Sora's new tale begins.


The fic is written via inserting the ponified Sora (and other Kingdom Hearts characters) into the canon Friendship Is Magic storyline with different events happening or having different results due to someone else experiencing the event instead of a canon character. The story eventually adds elements of Kingdom Hearts III as the series began before the game came out, but leaves the changes in the story intact. The series is currently ongoing.


Sora's Misadventures in Equestria contains the following tropes:

  • Adult Fear: The fillies and colts of Ponyville are foalnapped during Christmas Eve by Marluxia of New Organization XIII in order to place Sora in a trap.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: Twilight falls in love with Sora, seeing him as a brave soul willing to do everything that is right. Unfortunately, she eventually learns about Kairi and she even arrives to Equestria. Then Maleficent comes along...
  • Artifact of Attraction: The Keyblade, same as the series from where it is from, is a tool that the Heartless will flock around in order to destroy it and they infest other worlds due to the presence of a Keyblade wielder. Naturally, when Sora first arrives in Equestria, the Heartless quickly soon appear...
  • Bad Future: The events of The Cutie Re-Mark now have universal consequences due to Starlight messing up Rainbow's first Sonic Rainboom also messing with Sora's past. Every bad future Twilight, Spike and Sora visit is worse than the last.
    • The "Crystal War" timeline is now a world where Sombra tapped into his inner darkness, enveloping Equestria with armies of Heartless made from ponies that have lost their hearts. It puts Sora into an Enemy Mine situation with none other than Master Xehanort, who finds himself fighting a losing battle with Sombra's Heartless hordes.
    • The "Changeling Invasion" timeline has Kairi being the one sent to Equestria instead of Sora (who was killed by Xemnas in the events of Kingdom Hearts II) and arrived during Chrysalis' wedding invasion. Chrysalis-as-Cadance sensed the deep love Kairi had for Sora, disguised herself as him, and used her love, along with Shining Armor's to increase her powers and invade Equestria. Kairi was left an emotionally-broken mess due having being used as such.
    • The "Nightmare Moon Reign" timeline has Pete defecting and swearing his allegiance to Nightmare Moon, while both Maleficent and Riku, who maintains his Ansem Seeker of Darkness appearance, are locked in her prison.
    • The Final "Wasteland" timeline, where Twilight and Sora show Starlight what her messing with time has caused, instead has all of Equestria within the Realm of Darkness where the Heartless dwell.
  • Been There, Shaped History: Thanks to Reverse/Forward, Sora went back to Ponyville's past, met Applejack's parents, saved them from Heartless, and was made witness to their rushed wedding behind the backs of their parents.
  • Being Good Sucks: Sora feels this way about rescuing Maleficent of all people from the teen dragons after she gets found out in "Dragon Quest"
  • Beyond the Impossible: After escaping from Our Town, Starlight encounters Maleficent, who tries to get her to join her side just as with Pete and Riku. Starlight will have none of it and manages to actually remove Maleficent's pony-form's cutie mark, rendering the evil sorceress powerless.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy:
    • Chrysalis "charms" Sora into serving him same as she did to Shining Armor during the Canterlot Wedding.
    • The Dazzlings hypnotize Riku and Kairi into being their slaves during the Battle of the Bands.
  • Broken Masquerade: The Keyblade wielders lose not just the ability to use their weapons but also their "pony forms", reverting back to human shapes when Tirek drains their magic.
  • Butt-Monkey: Sora is most definitely one at times during the more lighthearted "slice of life" chapters.
  • The Cameo:
    • When Sora & Kairi take Cerberus back to Tartarus, not only do they revert back to their human forms, but Cerberus also changes from the three-headed bulldog he was in Equestria to the demonic three-headed Rottweiler he is when in Olympus Coliseum's Underworld.
    • Hades himself makes an appearance in all the times Tartarus is shown, after all it's the Greek Underworld.
    • During the events of "Too Many Pinkie Pies", Sora was accidentally dunked in the Mirror Pool, accidentally creating a clone and knocking him unconscious. Who was said clone created? Roxas. Naturally, he goes back inside Sora's heart at the end of the chapter.
    • When Sora revisits Disney Castle after he finds out due to his Time Travel visit caused his father to birth a Nobody, he meets Max, PJ and Bobby, who are a knight, magician and archer respectively. When Donald and Goofy are chosen to stay close to Sora, Max and PJ are promoted to the formers' old positions in Disney Castle until they return.
    • During "To Where and Back Again", Chrysalis muses that if her strongest fighter, Pharynx, was around, the intruders wouldn't stand a chance. A flashback actually shows him getting beaten and injured by Vanitas's Unversed.
  • Easily Forgiven: One of the main subverted tropes the series tries to enforce. It is only played straight with those who were victims of darkness in their hearts such as Nightmare Moon, Green-Eyed Monster!Twilight, Torrent!Aqua, King Sombra, Sunset Shimmer, Sci-Twi and Gloriosa Daisy. Others such as Discord and Starlight Glimmer are not so lucky.
  • Enemy Within:
    • Sora's "Anti" Drive Form. Sora is hesitant to use Drive Forms in general due to his fear he may accidentally turn into Anti-Sora and kill everyone and everypony close to him during his unpredictable rage. Sora eventually manages to harness and pacify it by locking away its evil within his heart.
    • Torrent, Aqua's darkness taken form due to her anger and despair over her friends' fates and Master Xehanort having ruined all their lives.
    • Sci-Twi, as per canon, has Midnight Sparkle.
    • Princess Celestia considers Daybreaker as such and is horrified to see the evil mare's reflection when she asks Yen Sid to let her see herself in the mirror that reflects one's dark side.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Aside from canon turns like Discord, Starlight Glimmer, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon and the Changelings (sans Chrysalis, of course), King Sombra manages to regain his old self after being struck by the Keyblades of Harmony. On one hand, he dies from the attacks since Sora can only destroy, not heal, darkness. On the other, he still lives on as a Dream Eater tied to the engagement ring he was supposed to give Luna which Sora gives her as a memento.
  • Fading Away: Same as in the canon "Discordant Harmony", Discord begins to disappear due to acting normal. However, this time, it's because his actions were literally killing his "past self". Only when Kairi, Aqua, and Fluttershy begin to act in a chaotic manner does the little Discord get better and the older Discord returns to his "normal" chaotic self.
  • Faking Amnesia: Sora does this when he first arrives in Equestria to prevent the native ponies from learning he's not a native to the world of Equestria, plus a human to boot. As of Chapter 165, it is revealed that Granny Smith knew about Sora before he met her due to him having gone back in time to the past events of "The Perfect Pear". Ironically, Granny believed Sora's initial amnesia story thinking he really did lose his memory of the past.
  • Fisher Kingdom: Just as in the games, outsiders not from Equestria blend in by taking forms of native creatures. The Keyblade wielders and Organization XIII members transform into a variety of ponies, Donald becomes a griffon, Goofy is a diamond dog, Pete is a minotaur, and Vanitas is a changeling. Played with Maleficent who has a pony form in Equestria but can easily shapeshift due to her dark magic.
  • Fun Size: Dizzy, Discord's past younger self who literally is his "inner child". Kairi fawns over him, while Aqua can't help but think of him as cute.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Twilight literally becomes one thanks to Maleficent egging her on due to her feelings for Sora and Kairi's arrival, allowing her to be consumed by the darkness in her heart.
  • Hate Plague: Instead of infecting Granny Smith, Bulk Biceps and the old jeweler as in canon, Starlight's "bottled anger" instead infects Ventus, who is a much more dangerous adversary than the canonical trio it infected.
  • Humanity Ensues: Even though he and other Keyblade wielders were human to begin with, Sora loses his pony form whenever he's in the dream world, in Tartarus (since it's part of Olympus Coliseum's Underworld), or the world of Canterlot High.
  • King Mook: The tiny easily-beatable Shadow Heartless can fuse en masse to become a dreaded Demon Tower. Sora himself faced one during the "Wasteland Equestria" timeline.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: During "Amending Fences", Ventus runs into Starlight Glimmer, pre-Face–Heel Turn, forcing her to erase the memory of having been seen. After her turn, she tells him about this. He is definitely not happy having his mind being messed with again.
  • Magic Map: The Cutie Map within Twilight's castle which pinpoints friendship problems to fix has been "upgraded" due to the presence of the Keyblade wielders to somehow show the entire universe and show where a Keyblade holder is anywhere in outer space. Aqua has made it her mission to find out how it works and to possibly make it pinpoint enemies such as Nobodies, Unversed, etc.
  • Making a Splash: Kaito's Nobody has this as his main element, based more on sea water rather than normal water. His main weapon is a cutlass formed from sea water and his personal Nobodies he controls are in the form of burly-looking pirates, which he calls Swashbucklers, that act as his "crew".
  • Makes Us Even: Sora, Kairi, Spike and the ponies rescue Maleficent from the teen dragons in "Dragon Quest". Sora invokes this trope due to Maleficent & Pete's unwilling Villainous Rescue moment back in The World That Never Was.
  • Mental Picture Projector: The magic crystals that were first introduced in "Castle Sweet Castle" are given a much more increased role in the story as they are used to project memories of characters close to them so anyone close by can see them.
  • Metamorphosis: As of the events at Camp Everfree, Kairi is now an alicorn.
  • Morph Weapon: One of the newest abilities Sora can use, starting from the chapters retelling Season 7 is the ability to change his Keyblade into different types of weapons (which was a gameplay mechanic first introduced in Kingdom Hearts III).
  • No Fourth Wall: Both Pinkie Pie and Discord have their moments where they know they are characters in a Fusion Fic and makes comments as such. They even have had moments where they even talk to Codex 92 himself.
  • Official Couple: Many official and unofficial: Sora & Kairi, Riku & Twilight, Aqua & Terra, Sunset Shimmer & Human!Flash Sentry, Luna & Sombra, Big Mac & Sugar Belle, and Fluttershy & Discord
  • Original Character: Sora's parents, Manami and Kaito.
  • Passing the Torch: Played with. Riku, being a Master, inadvertently makes Twilight a Keyblade wielder through the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony by pure accident when she touched it as Riku held it.
  • Scaled Up: In the two chapters dealing with the dragons, the Keyblade Trio manage to use more magic to disguise themselves as dragons to accompany Spike to the Dragon Lands. Maleficent naturally uses her dragon form when she first visits the Dragon Lands.
  • Secret Keeper: Of the fact that Sora and the rest of the Keyblade wielders are outsiders from another world.
    • At first it was only Princess Celestia, due to her correspondence with Master Yen Sid.
    • Soon the Mane Six and Spike are added when Sora is interrogated about his use of non-pony magic and the Keyblade during Nightmare Moon's first appearance, though CloudCuckoolander Pinkie Pie knew this from the start. When she is purified, Luna also joins the list.
    • Discord, due to his CloudCuckoolander Reality Warper ways, knows the truth.
  • Pseudocanonical Fic: At best. Due to the writer taking liberty with many canon characters' fates, mostly due to "Kingdom Hearts III" having not been made when it first began. Among the major changes is the fates of the original Keyblade Trio. Aqua having found a way out of the Realm of Darkness, Terra also found to be still alive and NOT being part of Ansem's Guardian, and finally Ventus is awakened at last after his heart is safely transferred from within Sora to his comatose body within Castle Oblivion. All three now live and train alongside the "Destiny Islands" Trio in Equestria.
  • Rule of Three: So far Sora has used Reverse/Forward three times. The first time was when he went to the past after "Future Twilight" went to the past herself. The second was going back to Destiny Islands' past to discover what happened to his father Kaito. The third is going to Ponyville's past and being witness to the events of "The Perfect Pear".
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Aqua is definitely one, mostly due to having spent years by herself in the Realm of Darkness, pursued by the Dark Hide, blaming herself over Terra and Ventus, and cursing Master Xehanort for all his deeds.
  • The Little Shop That Wasn't There Yesterday: During the friendship problem at Las Pegasus, Sora decides to buy his engagement ring for Kairi in one of the many shops there. After the events of Camp Everfree, both he and Kairi return to Las Pegasus to question the shopkeeper about how the ring was a catalyst in ascending Kairi to alicornhood, only to find an empty lot where the jewelry store once stood.
  • The Stations of the Canon: This series revisits several "episodes" of the MLP series, only having characters from the Kingdom Hearts series interacting with the cast or changing certain details to accommodate them.
  • Super-Persistent Predator: The Dark Hide single-mindedly hunts down Aqua, due to the many time they fought in the Realm of Darkness.
  • Talking to Themself: Discord can literally do this through clones of himself which include his "rationality", his "inner child" and others.
  • Time Travel: During the events of "It's About Time", Sora finds a chest that contains a magic spell called "Reverse/Forward", which does exactly this.
  • Visual Pun: One of Discord's favorite tricks, both as a villain and reformed, is to actually read the memories of characters through self-created books. He literally is able to "know someone like an open book".
  • What Could Have Been: In-Universe example. Kaito's Nobody explains that he would have been part of Organization XIII as the original Number IX until he had a change of heart and left. Xemnas then found Demyx to be the "new" Number IX.
  • Wrong Assumption: Rainbow Dash at first believes Sora is some sort of bad guy due to his "powers". When she gets attacked by Heartless and saved by Sora, she assumes he is behind them and has him arrested.
  • Yandere: When Twilight gives in to the darkness in her heart thanks to Maleficent's influence, she tries to kill Kairi to keep Sora all to herself.

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