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"I - I don't know the first thing about Aphrodite-"
"My mother was born of sea foam," Silena cut him off. "And if you're really who I think you are... you are the sea. You can pull this off," she said and touched his cheek. "Get the bolt. Survive," she said. Percy swallowed.
"What if I can't act the part?" He asked. Silena's expression went blank for a moment. Slowly, she slipped off her bracelet and placed it in his hands.
"If you're going to be one of us... you better learn."

Son of Sea Foam is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians Alternate Universe Fic by Caffeinated Flumadiddle.

In a world where children of the Big Three are killed when they are discovered due to a war in the 1940's, Percy has to hide the fact that he is a son of Poseidon in order to survive. Unfortunately, unclaimed children tend to raise the most suspicion, so Percy comes to the conclusion that he needs to trick another god into claiming him. He may just have found what he was after in Aphrodite.


Tropes contained in Son of Sea Foam:

  • All There in the Manual: A lot of backstory, worldbuilding and things that happened which didn't make it into the main story can be found on the author's Tumblr.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Nobody quite knows what gender Sam, one of Aphrodite’s children, is and when asked their only response is “I’m pretty”.
  • Apocalyptic Log: Evelyn Laurent, the daughter of Poseidon, kept a journal recording everything that happened to her, her siblings and friends. Eventually, as the Hate Plague consumed her as well, it descended into gibberish written in blood.
  • Blood Is the New Black: Hugo Brandt, a son of Hades, ended up covered in ichor after almost slaughtering one of the gods. It’s later revealed that it was Artemis.
  • Cover-Blowing Superpower: Percy tries to not use any power than cannot be theoretically coming from Aphrodite — meaning that any water manipulation or earthquakes are off the table. Though, he still gets caught by Blackjack because he forgot that only a child of Poseidon would understand pegasi.
  • Did You Just Scam Cthulhu?: The whole premise of the story. In order to survive, Percy decides that he needs to trick another god into claiming him and ends up settling on Aphrodite.
    • Percy, with the help of Drew, manages to get Bianca and Nico di Angelo claimed by Demeter in order to draw suspicion away from them. Demeter sees through it pretty quickly, but continues on with the charade because she did not want to see the death of anymore children.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Silena notes that children of Aphrodite’s natural ability to attract people is something that is helpful in battle.
“Sometimes you need someone to gawk at how pretty you are so they don’t notice when you slit their throat”
  • The Dreaded: The katáras (as in, the Greek word for cursed), the children of the Big Three. After many of them went mad in the 1940s, resulting in them slaughtering mortals and demigods alike. The fear of them is so bad that many of the campers of Camp Half-Blood will outright try and kill any child of the Big Three or anyone who might be one.
  • False Flag Operation: Poseidon states that Elliot Parker, the self-declared child of Poseidon who killed six demigods, was not his child and came to tarnish the name of his children. He is completely right: he was a son of Phorcys who had been ordered to do so in order to maintain the fear of Big Three kids
  • Final Solution: The solution the gods took to the maddened rampaging of the katáras in the '40s. Every child of the Big Three, whether they had been inflicted by the madness or not, was rounded up and killed. This included several of Artemis’ Hunters.
  • Has a Type: Silena determines that Percy has a preference for blonds. He ends up dating Castor, a blond son of Dionysus.
  • Hate Plague: The Big Three children in the 1940's were infected by one, resulting in them going mad and slaughtering hundreds. Even the gods are not entirely sure what happened. Those affected have a red dot in the centre of their forearm. It is revealed to be the Curse of Heracles
  • It Was a Gift: Aphrodite gives each of her mortal lovers a bracelet. Silena’s dad passed it on to her to ensure that she was claimed, and Silena gives it to Percy in order to help sell the idea that he is Aphrodite’s child.
  • Mama Bear: Aphrodite. Oh boy, Aphrodite.
    • Ares outright says that he's not going to kill or curse Percy despite wanting to, because if he did then Aphrodite would be... angry.
    • One of the six demigods that Elliot Parker killed was a child of Aphrodite. Aphrodite killed him herself and mounted his head on a spike.
  • Mental Affair: Discussed and Played for Laughs. After Annabeth states that Athena joins minds with a mortal to produce a child in the first chapter, Percy concludes that Athena has mind sex with them. Annabeth is outraged, but Percy is pretty sure that it is what happens.
  • Prophecy Twist: Discussed by Demeter in regards of the Great Prophecy:
    • Firstly, the word "gods" could be considered a gender-neutral term, which means her children also qualify for the prophecy — she is, after all, the elder sister of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.
    • Secondly, while "the eldest" is assumed to indicate their prominence, it could just literally mean "the oldest" — in which case it would point at a child of Aphrodite as she is older than all of Kronos' children.
    • And finally, "gods". It's a plural. Almost like the hero of the prophecy had two godly parents — one birth parent and one adopted.
  • Really Gets Around: Exploited. Most of the Olympians have many lovers and not every fling results in a demigod child so the gods don't really keep track of their children. Percy can easily claim to be a child of Aphrodite — since he manages to keep his story straight and leaves some details deliberately ambiguous, she has no means to double-check this and accepts his words.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Poseidon bemoans the fact that Percy so strongly resembles him in his usual form. Because of this, he appears in an aged form when Percy returns the Master Bolt to Olympus using the excuse that he was distressed by Zeus' accusations that he had broken the oath to throw him off.
    • Kronos is able to identify Percy as a child of Poseidon at a glance, because he inherited Rhea's green eyes just like Poseidon did.