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"Every instinct, human or otherwise, is telling you to stop and analyze the situation. You've got at least 30 kg on her. You've also got the blaster. Can't forget the blaster. She's got knowledge she shouldn't, a hell of a poker face, and an obvious death wish. It's a bit of a draw, really."

Someone You'd Admire is an in-progress Doctor Who Alternate Universe series by Transistor.Robot. It essentially weaves the character of Jenny, the Doctor's briefly featured daughter who he believes is dead, into the events of Series 6. After Amy and Rory drag the Doctor into a mystery he wants nothing to do with, the three of them find themselves stuck with Jenny, a tiny version of the Doctor, complete with mild insanity and an abandonment complex. Also, she's not supposed to be alive. And is apparently running around New York City pretending to be the Doctor. Infinitely better than it sounds.


Part 1: Soldier's Grin

Part 2: Liars and Cowards

Part 3: At Any Convenient Time

Part 4: Mr. Spaceship

Part 2/5/Rewrite/Fnarg: Someone You'd Admire

Tropes you'd admire:

  • Alternate Universe Fic: What if the 11th Doctor and gang catch up with Jenny from The Doctor's Daughter?
  • Back Story: The Doctor briefly tells us this guy's backstory. It is never mentioned again.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Soldier's Grin mainly acts as a stand-alone story focusing on the secondary character Wilf during one scene of the episode Voyage of the Damned. The Tenth Doctor appears briefly, and so does Jenny, but neither of them are the focus of the story.
  • Inhuman Emotion: Unlike her father, she's not good at controlling the more 'alien' aspects of her personality. Which says something, considering her dad's in-series characterization.
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  • Mr. Seahorse: Jenny leads Amy and Rory to believe this about Time Lords. Mainly to mess with them.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Actually a "giant yellowish hairless flying mammal from space". It's the size of a bus and apparently takes hostages.
  • Opposite-Sex Clone: The origin of Jenny's character.
  • Palette-Swapped Alien Food: Blue pastry things from the planet Exilon vs. hamburgers from a pub in Birmingham. The burgers win.
  • Tranquil Fury: Described as 'inhuman' and 'downright creepy' in story. A major element of both the Eleventh Doctor and Jenny, so much so that their confrontations freak Rory and Amy(and innocent bystanders) out.
  • The Nth Doctor: Eleventh Doctor, Second Jenny.
  • Spider-Sense: According to Amy, the Doctor's got 'timey-wimey senses'. He doesn't appreciate that terminology.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: Jenny to the Doctor.
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  • World of Snark: Every character takes part.


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