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What happens when a galaxy full of parasitic slavers that think they're gods comes clashing against a planet full of hypercompetant slavers who think they're gods? The answer is Snakepit, by Dark Schtroumpf, as the Goa'uld come head to head with a post-Final War Domination of the Draka.

The entire Stargate universe has been tweaked to make it more realistic, everything from how the Goa'uld's magic/technology shitck would actually affect their worshipers to the now-imperialistic Tollans. In fact, while Earth basically follows Draka canon to the letter, the SG-1 universe is a sort of gritty reboot.


The story can be found here. A sequel, Stars of Iron is posted (with active discussion) on both here and on here. There are also two vignette interludes that take place between the two stories.

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