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The Skyfall Saga are a series of war stories written by Dusk Quill. The stories chronicle the adventures of Fleethoof, a rookie member of the Royal Guard, who experiences war for the first time.

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    Main Stories 
  • The Griffon War: A Soldier's Memoirs: When Private Fleethoof recognized his dream and joined the Royal Guard, he never thought he would ever experience the might of Equestria's military firsthand. But when Equestria's safety is threatened by an old enemy, he'll find out just what sacrifices war and survival demand, what it truly means to serve for Princess and country, and just how important some friendships can be. See the war through the eye-witness account of a soldier on the front lines, all taken from one enduring journal. (Complete)
  • Skyfall: Some time has passed since the Griffon War ended and the Equestrian Army returned home. Peace and harmony had returned to the land. But war changes everything—even when that is war itself. From the ashes of the old military traditions, Skyfall Team is born. Luna's experimental group seems promising: tactical, advanced, intelligent, and powerful—and about to be put to the test, when the Royal Family is threatened from their own home. With little information to go on and short of time, Skyfall Team's trial by fire may leave the Royal Family in terrible danger that could cost them their lives. (Complete)
  • Skyfall: Treason: Following the events of Skyfall, Shining Armor has moved to reform the Royal Guard into the intimidating fighting force it was always meant to be. Skyfall Team is on hiatus, a long-earned respite. For the first time since the Griffon War, Equestria is recovering and growing substantially, no longer living in the shadow of danger. But when an allied unit goes rogue and new threats loom from the shadows, Equestria's harmony is thrown into international turmoil that could bring about a world war between old enemies and allies. It is left to Skyfall Team to cover up the incident, and eliminate the defectors, before chaos can erupt into a full-scale conflict that could spell armageddon. Facing off against their comrades, Skyfall will learn that sometimes the toughest fights we face are against our own brothers. (Complete)
  • Everfree: The Everfree Forest. The myths that surround that dreaded place are just that: myths. Tales of monsters, cursed creatures, and evil magic are just stories made to scare foals at night. But every story comes from some truth, and some answers are better left in the dark. (Complete)
  • Overture: When the world finally seems to have fallen silent, the darkness shall always rise to swallow the light. Two agents of Canterlot's most secret organization have gone missing while on a critical assignment. Fearing for the safety of Equestria, Captain Fleethoof is drawn into an intense investigation surrounding weapons trafficking, violent crimes, a notorious family, and one very enigmatic special agent. Pulled into a web of betrayal, corruption, treason, and violence he never knew existed, Fleethoof begins to find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes—and what the return of an old foe means for the future of Equestria. (Complete)
  • Skyfall: Retribution: Several years have passed since the end of the Griffon War. The tenuous pact between Equestria and the Griffon Kingdom has withstood the time. And while both nations have worked to put the past behind them, some cannot let go of the millennia-long blood feud. Captain Fleethoof's worst nightmares have been realized: Alaric has returned for revenge against Equestria. With the abduction of Cadance and a rash of guerrilla attacks against Equestrian nationals, a special operations task force is conscripted to finish the fight. In a manhunt of global proportions, Fleethoof and his team must scour the world to find the missing princess and put an end to the murderous tyrant's wrath once and for all before a full-scale war can reach Equestria. But in this deadly game of cat and mouse, will the cost of retribution turn out to be greater than Fleethoof can pay? (On Hiatus)

    Side stories surrounding the Skyfall saga 
  • Antecedents:In the world of Skyfall, those stories run the entire gamut. Antecedents is an anthology of background stories from some of the more popular, mysterious, and important characters in the series. Follow your favorite characters on a journey to their pasts. (On Hiatus)
  • A House Divided:The events of this story take place directly after the events of The Griffon War: A Soldier's Memoirs. The Griffin Kingdom was devastated during the recent and failed war with Equestira. Left on their own, the griffins must find their way as they struggle to rebuild their home. With the nation divided between practitioners of the new parliament system and loyalists to the old monarchy, Eriviara Orn Vorastrix, finds herself in a prime position to take advantage of the growing tensions. She's determined to bring the Kingdom to heel, even if she's 'only' a female and, according to many, unfit for anything besides being a 'nest tender.' Written by Treilacl. (Incomplete)

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