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Fanfic / Sinner Blue Darks Misfortune

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Some optimists see the glass half full, the jaded see the glass half empty, but I see the glass shattered beyond repair.

SinnerBlue is a Fanfic following the adventures and life of Dark, an Italian man blessed with bad luck.

While Dark would rather watch the stars late at night and reminisce about good times, the cosmos had other plans. A shooting star seemingly drifts off course and crashes smack-dab into his house. Upon investigation of the meteorite, Dark discovers a sleeping, young woman within the shell of the fallen object. To his surprise and disbelief, the alien girl visually resembled his own sister almost to the point of indistinguishably.


Once she awakens, she notices the destruction that she inadvertently caused and offers to help Dark. But she asks for a simple, undisclosed favor in return.

Thus begins a journey to repair his house, change his luck, and fix his life. Along the way, he is forced into company with Ragna the Bloodedge and Revya, who were dragged from their worlds to help him.

This series provides examples of:

  • Appearance Is in the Eye of the Beholder: Everyone views Metis differently. Dark sees his sister, Revya sees Danette, Ragna sees Saya, etc.
  • Attempted Rape: In the extra chapter. Though it's stopped before the man can go through with it, it takes a dark turn for the worst.
  • Morton's Fork: Chapter 12. The main group is given a choice by Nyx. Dark must either die for Ragna and Revya to return home or Dark can live for a few weeks before dying, but Ragna and Revya can never return home.
  • True Companions: Eventually, Dark, Ragna, Revya, and Gig, come to appreciate each other's presence.

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