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Fanfic / Shinigami Phantom

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Shinigami Phantom

Shinigami Phantom is a crossover between Danny Phantom and Bleach.

When a hollow attack sends Danny and his friends to a world that hasn't heard of ghosts before, they know they're sunk. When it turns out that only Danny can see the spirits of this world, he knows he's doomed. And when those spirits start trying to send him to the afterlife, Danny knows he needs to figure this out fast. And then there's Ichigo.



  • Translator Microbes: When Team Phantom is transported into the Bleach world, they quickly realize that for some reason, they hear, speak and read Japanese as if it was English. Oddly, they hear the Japanese versions of Captain and Vice-Captain.
  • Wrong Context Magic: Ghostly abilities in the Bleach world, and Hollow powers in the Ghost Zone.



  • Accidental Murder: Danny accidentally kills Szayelaporro Granz when his Ghostly Wail impales the Arrancar on icicles from an earlier attack.
  • Doorstopper: Had thirty chapters before the rewrite.