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Something old will be new again.

Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon is an OVA reboot of Kanius's long-running YuYuGiDigiMoon franchise.

In the author's words from his Twitter status: "Just a bit of history: In November 2003, I started a mega crossover series called YuYuGiDigiMoon. The titular series name comprises acronyms based on part of each titular series featuring the anime casts each series covers. Yu represents Yu Yu Hakusho, the second Yu simultaneously represents both YYH and Yu-Gi-Oh, the Gi naturally just represents Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digi is part of Digimon, and Moon is obviously Sailor Moon. A friend named LazerWulf came up with the YuYuGiDigiMoon title and I just ran with it. Since 2003, YuYuGiDigiMoon has been a long-running fanfic franchise that has come and gone with me as time went on. Since then, I've completed a Seasonal Trilogy, one 'Movie' fic, an OVA done in a first-person POV, several side stories, a collection of Gaiden shorts, and mega crossover events based on interdimensional travel - hence called the Triad crossovers. However, as time went on, the series became too complex and overly long for any normal reader to follow. Since then, I posted the final Gaiden chapter that detailed my recent burnout and thus I've placed the original YuYuGiDigiMoon on an indefinite hiatus. This comes at the cost of holding off the final story, which would've ended the series. Then, another friend, Allfather-Ford, presented a brand new concept for YuYuGiDigiMoon. Instead of a continuation, we could do a reboot with fresh ideas and make full use of canon concepts instead of fully relying on AU ideas. Allfather-Ford presented the title for this reboot: Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon. Shin in Japanese means "new". Like Shin Evangelion (Rebuild of Evangelion, Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition) and Shin Godzilla, Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon should hopefully do a similar job. It's a fresh start and a clean slate. The four-chaptered OVA series serves to be accessible to new readers, a general audience, and maybe attract old readers. You are absolutely not required to read the original YuYuGiDigiMoon stories before or after this one. If you feel fine with just reading Shin-YuYuGiDigiMoon, that's fine. It's your prerogative. These four chapters will be told in lengthy formats. So, what you're reading are essentially movie/OVA-style stories. And since these are longer-lengthed, I suggest taking breaks. Lastly, there will be summarized sections spread across these stories. To summarize: This is an attempt to present a reboot of a classic fanfic I've worked on for a long time and make it accessible to new readers & a general audience. I hope whoever reads it can give it a shot."


Once this legacy fanfiction OVA concludes, the YYGDM franchise as a whole will return back to an indefinite hiatus until the time comes for the franchise to be Un-Reboot for YYGDM-01’s series finale (Wrath of the Defiants).



The story provides examples of:

  • Adaptational Badass: Unlike in the original's final battle with Ghidorah of the heroes losing and it took the awakening of Yami Houou to bail them out, Shin-YYGDM has the heroes (and powers being set after their respective anime, such as Yusuke allowing to use his Mazoku and Sacred Energy powers (while the original takes place in-between the Dark Tournament and Chapter Black arcs), and Sailor Moon is properly added in utilizing the Silver Crystal) have the chance to properly defeat Ghidorah in the end.
    • Shaochung can fuse her mini-Deva Sovereign into HuangDevamon, a form that has yet to appear in the original mainstream version.
    • While Kotori won't become a superpowered Valkyrie like in the original, she will potentially get as strong as her original counterpart. She has the ability to extract energy/data from powerful beings to boost her Digimon partner up. This will effectively make her a female Daimon Masaru with the ability to fight and inflict damage on god-like beings.
  • Adaptation Distillation: This is obvious since Shin-YYGDM is an OVA fic and not a main one like YYGDM-01.
    • For Arc I, there's no Legendary Dragon Knights, Egyptian God Cards, and the Great Leviathan (known as the Orichalcos God in the Japanese version) involve unlike the original. Back in the original, the Duelists summon their Duel Monsters due to Lyn's Ka connection, in Shin-YYGDM is due to Yubel's powers grant them to summon their monsters.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Sailor Uranus and Neptune’s comments towards Takato are shown to be nicer unlike their hostile YYGDM-01 counterparts.
    • Kuiiza is not much of turning Kujiko into his personal experiment unlike the original version.
  • Adaptational Personality Change: The personalities of Sailor Moon characters are based on the manga and Crystal, unlike the 1990s anime from the original YYGDM.
    • The Paradius duo are shown to be like Sith lords with Teeth-Clenched Teamwork yet don’t hesitate to stab each other in the back when that time comes. They don’t even say ‘my love’ unlike the YYGDM-01 versions. Also, the Prophet (Shin-YYGDM)’s voice and personality are finally allowed to express his evil tone unlike the Prophet (YYGDM-01)’s mysterious and enigmatic tone.
    • While Cain’s personality is similar to the original, the different headcanon voice actor sounding like Lex Luthor from Young Justice (2010) shows the Shin-YYGDM being calm and downplayed his paranoia traits (This is a big comparison to Cain (YYGDM-01)’s first appearance in Wrath of Pharaohmon Redux where his sentences have exclamation marks in reflection his paranoia, while the Shin-YYGDM version starts his first sentence with a period).
  • Adaptational Wimp: Back in the original YYGDM, the Tamers wield the powers of the Beast Spirits (as the Beast Tamers) and animal abilities (for the Victory Tamers, Philippe is one of them), while Kotori is a Valkyrie. Shin-YYGDM removes these abilities in relating to canon elements from the actual Digimon Tamers being used, and Kotori is a full-out Tamer.
    • Kotori's ability to extract energy/data with her fists will make her effective and strong enough to damage powerful beings and boost her Digimon. This will compensate for her lack of any Valkyrie power awakenings.
    • In the original YYGDM, the Duelists and Jaden's group gain the ability in becoming Duel Monsters. Shin-YYGDM removes this in returning to them summoning Duel Monsters like in the actual anime.
    • While Ghidorah is as powerful, he's not as detailed strong as the original.
  • Adapted Out: Many of the Digimon, specific, and unimportant OCs have been removed such as Inumon, Basiliskmon, Granasmon and Valmarmon, Mizuno & Brimstone, Tsukimaru (since Bram replaces him as Saya (Shin-YYGDM)’s love interest), the Amazon Digimon. The Tamers (Shin-YYGDM) do not even wield the powers of the Beast Spirits unlike the YYGDM-01 version. Kotori (Shin-YYGDM) is not a Valkyrie unlike the original.
    • The Valkyrie and Ninja forms for the Sailor Senshi from the original have been removed.
    • While the Z-Hybrid forms of the canon Legendary Warriors are retained, the other Legendary Warriors from the original are OCs (alongside Henry's older sister being one, while the canon anime (and Shin-YYGDM) she's just a normal civilian) are removed.
    • While duels are simply briefly summarized in the card tournament, they are no longer the main major focus of writing proper duels unlike the original (They are prominent back in YYGDM-01's Season Trilogy, and they still happen in specific moments post-Dawn of Chaos). And it's for the best, since writing duels back in YYGDM-01 is tough for the author, and that he needed LazerWulf, Ninetalesuk, and Chaosblazer's help for these duels.
  • Alien Invasion: Just like the original Invasion of the Rajita storyline in YYGDM-01, Arc I of the reboot focuses on the Rajita Empire invasion that the heroes unite to face them.
  • Alternate Continuity: Besides being a reboot, it also serves as one to the mainstream YYGDM; even reviewers like Chaosblazer, JNaegi, and Generic Reviewer refer to the universe as an AU.
  • Ascended Extra:
    • The Yu-Gi-Oh! GX cast unlike in the original that are secondary characters, Shin-YYGDM has them become the main characters (also, Momoe and Junko made their first appearances in a YYGDM-related setting since they didn't appear in the original).
    • Alice McCoy and her Digimon are promoted to main characters and their first appearances in a YYGDM-related setting since they don't appear in the original. Likewise, Kai (Takato's cousin) plays a major role in becoming a love interest of Renamon.
  • Avengers Assemble: Just like the original, four anime franchises team up for adventures and facing new threats.
  • Continuity Reboot: It is a full-out reboot of a long-running fanfiction franchise.
  • Death by Adaptation: Nagah (renamed Nāginī in Shin-YYGDM) and Morpheous dies in the climax of the first arc, unlike in the original where they became good guys.
  • Dies Differently in Adaptation: In the original, Ghidorah is given a much brutal and torturous death by the Yami Houou, the Shin-YYGDM has him obliterated by the heroes’ up to his final head being destroyed as quickly as possible.
  • Hotter and Sexier: Despite being T-rated, Shin-YYGDM is allowed to use sex scenes shown onscreen and detailed that the original has never done, in which the author states that more are coming along the way.
  • Kaiju: Ghidorah and his four generals become Kaiju monsters in the final battles of Arc I, especially Ghidorah becoming the literal three-headed dragon seen in Godzilla.
  • Lighter and Softer: With the canon elements being prominent in this continuity, this removes the hardcore AU darker elements use back in the original. For starters, Wrath of Ghidorah’s adaptation of Invasion of the Rajita has lighter moments such as Fubuki being controlled has no deaths (while the original of Joey being controlled is darker, Morpheous dies, and Joey is still traumatized even after being freed till it took a talk with Seto to make him slowly recover), no Yami Houou involved unlike the original, and Takato is not suffering from depressive/all-important hero moments unlike the YYGDM-01 version.
  • Mythology Gag: The introduction of XYZ cards in Arc I pays tribute to how they are introduced in one of YYGDM-01's Gaiden side stories, in which both continuities use tournaments of introducing XYZ summoning.
  • Named by the Adaptation: The English names of the Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh! characters from the original are change to their Japanese names in Shin-YYGDM. Paradais in YYGDM-01 is changed to Paradius for Shin-YYGDM in matching the canon name.
  • Reconstruction: This reboot serves as restoring the faith of the author of what makes YYGDM and personal canon great in the first place after the author suffered burnouts and creative differences in the original continuity. Not to mention using prominent canon elements than AU, and showing what could have been had YYGDM has a complete story without too many crossover stories and other factors that made the original hard to follow for new readers.
    • Another meta as a whole is that while the original’s main beta/collaborator is LazerWulf that although being a major important figure (of coming up with first concepts that inspires to this day, and giving critiques to help Kanius as a writer/content creator) that help the author yet also has creative disagreements and other factors (such as Lazer at times being difficult and former fixation on the original YYGDM before his further character development reflecting real-life and sharing the burnout besides the author) relating to the deconstructions of the original’s burnout, Allfather-Ford being the main beta/collaborator of Shin-YYGDM helps to rekindle the passion and him (besides being open-minded to expand horizons outside the comfort zone) being an Ascended Fanboy helps.
  • Setting Update: While the original's first story (Wrath of Pharaohmon/Wrath of Pharaohmon Redux) is set in 2003, Shin-YYGDM's first arc (Wrath of Ghidorah) sets in 2016 (such as AnimeJapan since the convention is first established in 2014).
  • Shout-Out:
    • At one point, Taichi referred to Yamato as 'Yamakins'. This nickname came from Digimon Fusion Kai.
    • Two of the Vampire Duel Monsters (Rachel and Sebastian) uses abilities straight from Code Vein.
    • The feud between Bram and Sheridan, alongside Sheridan's mannerism is similar to DIO, is paying tribute to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Starter Villain: Kaiser Ghidorah is Arc I’s first Big Bad.
  • Ultimate Universe: This is a rebooted fanfic universe that allows the prominent canon elements to be implemented instead of the original’s overreliance on AU elements. If YYGDM-01 is compared to the mainstream Marvel comics, then Shin-YYGDM is compared to Ultimate Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.