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Fan Fic / Seven Pieces of Chalk

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"If you throw someone a life preserver, and they turn around and swim away from it; what can you do but let them drown themselves?"

Seven Pieces of Chalk is an Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic by Lady Charity on The fic opens with Arthur entering a new school and noticing that everyone is acting strangely. The halls are not like the typical American High School scenery. Students avoid each other. The whole place feels like it has been covered in a thick shroud. And it all seems to lead back to one Alfred F. Jones...

It is a lot darker than the original work and uses human versions of the anthropomorphized characters. But it is also very touching.

Tread lightly on this fic, it has some triggers.

The work can be found here.


Seven Pieces of Chalk contains examples of:

  • Double-Meaning Title: The title refers to both the seven people affected by Alfred's suicide, and the seven pieces of chalk they used to write their messages to him.


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