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The Trump Kingdom has fallen, and it's last warrior, Cure Sword, has come to Earth in hopes of discovering the whereabouts of it's princess, Marie-Ange. Taking on the alias of Makoto Kenzaki, she, alongside her fairy Davie, have blended into the town of Oogai, where she last felt the princess' aura, and has become an idol, in hopes that her singing will call out to Marie-Ange. While fighting against the Selfish Trio, a trio of servants of King Selfishness, the one who invaded the Trump Kingdom, she discoverers three newborn fairies, who tell Makoto that they were sent to Earth to search for Precure hiding there. This leads her to find Mana Aida and Alice Yotsuba, childhood friends who are able to transform with Cheryl and Lance respectively- leaving Raquel, the third fairy, the only one without a partner to be found.


Befriending Mana and Alice, Makoto decides to work with them to accomplish her goal of finding the Princess- and also to find the fourth Precure. However, both goals prove far more complicated than she initially realizes, as it seems that there are many secrets lurking underneath the surface of what otherwise appears to be a fairly clear cut situation. Their search leads them to Mana and Alice's other childhood friend, a strange boy named Ira Hishikawa, who seems to be able to read other people's hearts- a power that eerily reminds Makoto of the Selfish. Raquel seems convinced that if he stays with Ira, he eventually will find the fourth Precure. Although Makoto is initially suspicious of the golden eyed boy, she eventually realizes that Raquel is more than likely right, especially as it seems that the Selfish Trio's plans have been brewing since long before any of them were born.


Selfish Heart is a Pretty Cure AU created by bekuki, a roleswap AU that takes place in the DokiDoki! Pretty Cure verse that focuses on swapping the roles of Rikka Hishikawa, making her a Selfish, and Ira, making him an ally- as well as introducing many other new ideas and concepts into the storyline. It can be read on Fanfiction.Net. Its wiki page can be found here.

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