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Following the destruction of Asgard, the fall of Norman Osborn's Dark Reign, and the defeat of the ultimate villain "The Void", it appears there has been a boom of heroes in the Marvel Universe. Several changes are made in SHIELD to accommodate a new "Young Avengers" program to teach these youngsters how to properly use their powers. As well as functioning to prevent this from becoming a supervillain boom. The City of San Jose is just one of these cities with numerous emergent heroes, and we follow a group of them on their first day to Young Avengers Training.


Among them are -

  • Terry: Nice Guy, Perspective Character for the first arc "Bright Future". Terry is at first cheerful to be a hero, and then less so when he is given the hero ID "Kid Sentry". He - like numerous others - has grown to fear the Golden Guardian due to the horrors of Siege. While he is bright, friendly and a friend to the others on the team, it is evident he is afraid of the dark, and he has his own dark voice in his head, and tremendous powers.

  • Tasha: Half African American, Half Jewish young woman from the suburbs, she comes from a rocky family with money problems, an abusive ex-boyfriend, and tendencies toward self destructive behaviour. Oh, and she's incredibly sarcastic. Her identity Wyldvine is one she embraces, as a way out of her Dark and Troubled Past. Her power over plants comes from a mysterious source...

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  • Jakob: is a rather withdrawn and socially phobic individual, he has problems with authority, and a deep dislike of Norman Osborn and those affiliated with him. At first he was hostile toward Terry just because he thought he was another "jock", hinting at bullying problems. Might or might not be an alien. His Blaster Identity comes from his power - storing energy from impacts, and then "blasting".

  • Lady Murasame: Japanese girl with a penchant for Brutal Honesty and perceiving things in people, she is something of a fight enthusiast. Not much has yet been revealed about her. Yet.


Tropes Found In This Work

  • Big Bad: The Provider, apparently. Silencia and The Lance are also slowly escalating in importance, and may well be his team in time, as they recruited Hadron.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Tasha. Though being Sarcasm-Blind, Terry doesn't get her jokes at first.
  • Flying Brick: Terry.
  • Hyper-Awareness: Lady Murasame, who has the ability to perceive things about people based on how they walk and fight, and base her fighting style around her observations.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Jakob. Anti-social, has a stereotypical view of athletes, a deconstruction of the dislike shown in eighties movies based entirely on affiliations. However, as shown later in the chapters, he accepts Terry as who he is, not who he's Legacy Character to.
  • Legacy Character: Lady Murasame made some remarks to the effect that she is not the first to carry that name. And Terry is a young Legacy Character to the departed Sentry, a role he does not find himself liking.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Despite how big he is, Terry is a rather pretty young man.
  • Nice Guy: Most people would just deem Blaster a jerk. Terry is not most people.
  • Self-Deprecation: Terry has a negative opinion of himself, off and on. His official profile calls his self esteem "fragile and volatile".
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Like Robert Reynolds, Terry Bramford is immensely powerful, enough to impale a robot with a light post, but he's untrained and mostly just does what works based on fighting done at school.

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