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Samurai Seed is a Gundam Seed Alternate Universe fanfiction by AJ-Writer. Also technically a Naruto crossover, it takes place on Earth millions of years before Naruto occurs.

Kira's a lowly ramen bar waiter in wartorn world. Thrust into an age of warriors where legends are made, Kira don a mask and found he's fighting not only against his enemies but also his very own demons.

This is a fanfiction that swings from almost grimdark to bellybusting comedy, but it earns its M rating.

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This work of Fanfiction contains the following tropes:

  • Ascended Extra: Many of the important background characters are from side stories.
  • Shout-Out: There are a multitude of references to different animes and mangas:
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  • What If?: Word of God says that this story was originally conceived as a "What if?" scenario in where one of Kira's friends died earlier than in canon and he never really got the help he needed to recover from it. This made Kira much darker and crueler.[1]


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