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What happens when you mix Persona, Super Smash Brothers, and three years worth of ideas when the author went on hiatus and came back. SSB: The Return (or just The Return), written by Squall 'Tabuukilla' Lione takes place in a world after Tabuu's defeat in Super Smash Brother Brawl.

It focuses on a boy named Squall Fortuna, the first chapter covering his past, and has moved onto the real threat, the returning Primids. No one seems to know what they want, but they're attacking the city known as Smashville. When a letter from Squall's parents arrive, requesting him to come to the city to help defend it, he gladly accepts. There, he begins his adventure, unlocking his true potential, the ability to summon a Persona. Now, he has to make it through the year, balancing it out his training, making friends, and keeping the ones he has made close.


The story has been deleted. The reason why is unknown.

The Return contains example of:

  • Air-Vent Passageway: Melody uses these to get around the school.
  • Big Eater: Squall got close to sixteen plates at a buffet. Played for Laughs when you find out that Squall's parents and Clare's father are placing bets on how many plates he can eat.
  • Bishōnen: Fortuna, underneath the knight's helmet he wears.
  • Butt-Monkey: Clyde, one of the voices in Squall's head.
  • Badass Longcoat: Squall's trenchcoat and Ken's Inverness Cape.
  • Chaste Hero: Squall, by a long shot.
    Squall: "I'll find my way, I suppose. Besides, there aren't any bad parts of the city, right?"
    Zach: "I think only if you go to the red light district at night. At least, that's what I've heard."
    Squall: "Well, I think I'll know if I'm there. I'm sure traffic will be absolutely terrible."
    • Though later he reveals he isn't as chaste/oblivious.
  • Childhood Marriage Promise: One is seen at the beginning of the story, but the identities of the children that made it are not given. Later on though, Squall reveals he is one of the children who made the promise.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Zach is heading towards this.
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  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: Averted. Squall even gains the power of Persona, which is manifesting "a facet of the soul" as it is sometimes called, after having his robotic eye put in him.
  • Cyborg: Squall is one now, having a robotic eye as part of him now. Played for Laughs as well.
    "So, you're a cyborg now, huh, bossman?" Lione asked.
    "I'm MEGAMAN!" Squall sang, laughter erupting between them.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: After arriving in Smashville, Squall's first school day has him wake up a lot earlier than he should have because of his habits back home.
  • Drives Like Crazy: Melody. She thinks using construction sites is a good way to make a getaway. No, not by driving through them, hoping to confuse pursuers. Driving on them. As in the hanging beams and unfinished structures.
  • Easily Forgiven: Truthfully it isn't that much, but Squall does forgive Lione for trying to steal his Core Drill necklace.
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  • Embarassing Nickname: Ken doesn't really like his nickname of Kenjamin.
  • Falling into the Cockpit: Subverted. Squall is sent in a robot... only for it to be destroyed due to his lack of experience fighting with it.
  • Frying Pan of Doom: The voices in Squall's head have them. It is blamed on the amount of TV Tropes Squall browses.
  • Genre Savvy: Squall is said to be a troper. He even owns a Harem Anime Universal Genre Savvy Guide.
    • Zach to a lesser degree. He's savvy enough to know that Squall fits the 'mysterious transfer student' archetype, also known as Fangirl Bait.
  • Harem Genre: Squall suspects he may be in one.
  • High-Pressure Blood: Zach's nosebleeds send him flying across the room at times.
  • Honor Before Reason: Squall allows himself to be beaten up by Ken because his sister was harmed in his previous battle.
  • I Know Mortal Kombat: Squall knowing how to fight with a double bladed sword because he watched enough of The Phantom Menance.
  • I Will Wait for You: Squall holds onto his Childhood Marriage Promise that he made when he was roughly five or six years old. He's currently fifteen during the main part of the fic.
  • Lemony Narrator: Sometimes slips into this.
    Since bacon and eggs aren't very hard to make, also since Squall had experience with fried eggs that were over easy because they were his favorite, due to the fact he liked poking the yolk area and letting it flood ALL OVER THE FOOD, WIPING AWAY EVERY LAST BIT OF OTHER FOOD!
  • Never Hurt an Innocent: One of Squall's major rules. Whether or not it applies only to girls has yet to be seen.
    Squall: "We never hit a girl who didn't strike us first."
  • New Transfer Student: Minaka and Squall.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Squall gives one after removing a knife from his left eye.
    Calmly reaching with his left hand, Squall removed the knife from his eye socket and dropped it. Unslinging the walking stick, he dropped it. Unflinching in his walk towards them, all but the co-leader ran as Squall cracked his knuckles. Squall wasted no time beating him within an inch of his life.
  • Noodle Incident: Minaka's attempts at cooking.
  • The Pollyanna: Minaka was initially thought to be one by Squall.
  • Please Put Some Clothes On: Minaka comes out dressed in nothing but a bra and short shorts? Throw a trench coat at her.
  • Properly Paranoid: Played for Laughs. Squall's reason for paranoia is watching Haruhi Suzumiya the night before, and the one person he fears is the eponymous character herself.
  • Running Gag: The fact Squall can't remember to get a book related to Tarot
    • Also how the 'sound effects' for whenever he levels up/creates a new Social Link keep on changing.
  • Saw It in a Movie Once: Apparently there was a movie about facing an anthropomorphic version of Death that wielded two guns and the hero stealing it.
    Squall (after having stolen one of the Reaper's guns, being questioned on why): "And I saw it in a movie.""
  • Shout-Out: Lots of them.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Squall, who curses very frequently. Lampshaded by Clare's mother.
    Squall: "Damn you subnetting and how much of a bitch you can be…"
    Raynie (Clare's Mother): "And girls still want to kiss you with that mouth?"
  • Talking to Themself: Squall doesn't do it out loud, but often has conversations with the voices in his head.
  • The Tease: Minaka enjoys this to no end.
    "I'm sure he won't peek. Besides, I know you won't peek, riiiight?" Minaka pressed up against Squall, who yelped and leapt back, covering his eyes.
    • Note that this is done while exploring SubSpace, reminiscent of Tartarus of Persona 3.
    • Squall, however, gets back at her with flirtatious behavior.
  • Theme Music Powerup: Word of God (the author notes) state that characters have these. They're even marked by the story telling you to put on specific music.
  • Train-Station Goodbye: Complete with Childhood Marriage Promise!
  • Tsundere: It is theorized that Clare is one.
  • Tv Tropes Will Ruin Your Life: Squall's life, to be specific.
    • Squall refuses to go to a fancy restaurant that will not allow him to wear his longcoat
    After Minaka asks why he won't go if he has to take off his longcoat
    Squall: I don't fit the Badass Longcoat trope anymore.


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