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Red Son is a Dragon Ball Z fanfiction written by Super Vegetarott. The story revolves around a grand twist of Kakarot's space pod landing right outside Muscle Tower, which leads the Red Ribbon Army to take him in and raise him to be their ultimate weapon. The story goes on to show the ramifications of Son Goku's disappearance from the Dragon Ball timeline and the different relationships that are formed as a result of this divergence, ultimately resulting in a radically different timeline from the Dragon Ball story. The story is expected to carry into the Dragon Ball Z timeline as well.

This fanfic contains the following tropes:

  • Aborted Arc: Though originally planned to be covered in extensive detail, only snippets of the early Dragon Ball timeline are covered. Super Vegetarott has justified his decision to speed through this portion of the timeline because he did not want to rewrite many canon interactions with minimal changes, instead choosing to focus on what separated his series from canon.
  • Badass and Child Duo: Original character Ambrose and Goku form this duo for the early stages of the story.
  • Canon Universe: Despite the divergence from the "Dragon Ball' timeline, Red Son does its best to follow all canon events that naturally occur within the storyline and justifies any that do not occur with a proper explanation in-story.
  • Character Development: Although Kakarot had originally been the same naive boy he'd been in canon, the first portion of the story is dedicated to showing his change into a loyal Red Ribbon.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Though he spent all but a few seconds as a murderer, Bardock's attempt to save Planet Vegeta from Frieza's tyrannic hand serves as the divergence point for this story.
  • Original Character: In an attempt to build the Red Ribbon as a true faction rather than the stepping stone they were for Goku in canon, Super Vegetarott has added a handful of characters to the story to supplement the canon RRA characters.