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Fanfic / Quiet Life with Monster Girls

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Quiet Life with Monster Girls is a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Monster Musume crossover by 1ForThePriceOf2,where Kira Yoshikage is able to escape his fate at the end of Diamond is Unbreakable due to Bites the Dust activating in a way not even Kira expected. Kira is transported to a new universe, and without Jotaro Kujo or Higashikate Josuke around, he can start a new quiet life without any fear of being stopped. When his neighbor Kimihito Kurusu starts to take in monsters as house guests, however, things start to get a little complicated.


Quiet Life with Monster Girls provides examples of:

  • Adaptational Early Appearance: Passione, the crime syndicate from Vento Aureo two years after Diamond is Unbreakable, is prominently featured here. Downplayed in that the story takes place a year after Kira arrives in the Monster Musume world.
  • Action Girl: The special ops group, even more so in canon when they accidentally make it that much harder for Kira to conceal his identity while they try and capture Papi, who saw Kira's "girlfriend" in his pocket
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Kira is almost always wearing expensive suits and ties, even when he's getting into an intense fight with an enemy Stand user, his outfits stays pristine. Miss Smith also counts, almost always appearing in her government agent attire.
  • Battle Butler: Vino works as a waiter at the Lakeside, but as a member of Passione he has the Stand Take On Me, which manifests as a swarm of tiny pyramids that can suck the heat out of objects.
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  • Call-Back: Kira makes occasional nods to his home series.
  • Darker and Edgier: In contrast to the rather light-hearted 'Monster Musume'', the story features a serial killer as its central protagonist who has and continues to kill women and who shows only glee at each death he causes.
  • Extra-ore-dinary: Ala the killer bee has a Stand called Iron Maiden, which allows her to control metal objects from a distance.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Everyone assumes that Kira is just a regular man who likes to keep to himself, but in reality he is a cold-blooded killer. Although, this is justified since Kira purposely puts on the persona of an everyday salary man.
  • Invisible to Normals: Whether it be humans or liminals, Killer Queen can not be seen by anyone who isn't a Stand User. Even its explosion can't be seen by normal people. This also extends to all Stands in general.
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  • Kill It with Fire: Kira finishes off Vino by drenching him in gasoline and causing an explosion at the Lakeside.
  • Loveable Sex Maniac: Deconstructed. Kira tells Miia that her being so forward with her love for Kimihito is exhausting both her homestay (who panics whenever she tries to be lewd with him) and their neighbor (who loses sleep over having to hear the horny lamia chase Kimihito all over the house). Despite Miia seemingly taking this advice to heart, this happens right before the [[Lunacy Full Moon chapter]].
  • Villain Protagonist: Kira, the Big Bad of Diamond is Unbreakable, never got Dragged Off to Hell and instead wound up in the Monster Musume world. And he's still killing in private and taking women's hands.