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Fanfic / Pretty Cure Veggie Go

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A OC fic for the Pretty Cure franchise by Happy Be Lucky Cure on can be found here

The happy kingdom of Florfauna, which spent many years of joy and prosperity under it's young Queen Eden, found its peaceful life shattered when they are attacked by an evil Organization called PEST-Alliance. Run by the terrible Master Cide, the group aimed to steal the land's sacred treasure - The Holy Pumpkin Crystal, which helped keep Florfauna's Ecosystem vibrant and alive. In a valiant effort to protect her home, Queen Eden cast a spell on her castle when they broke in to banish all within into Netherspace - including herself. She then gives her two servants five magical devices and sends them to earth to find the legendary warriors Pretty Cure (who had once saved their kingdom from crisis before) before shattering the crystal and destroying Cide's body before she herself was killed...Meanwhile, after arriving on Earth, the servants lose one of the devices and find it in the hands of Beniha Akina, a small, shy Middle schooler. After getting attacked by one of PEST-Alliance's members, Beniha agrees to help them after hearing their story and now must find the other 4 Cures, collect the Holy Pumpkin shards, and defeat PEST-Alliance...


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