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Fanfic / Pretty Cure ~ Animal Lullaby

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Pretty Cure ~ Animal Lullaby is a Pretty Cure fanfiction and the second fanseries by Royal-Diamond featuring a heavy Animal thematic. Planned Episodes; 40.

When the Animal Crystal is shattered to bits two bad guys and their Queen set on killing all animals attacks the Pet World. Turning almost all its inhabitants into giant monsters that roamed the area and began crushing their own houses. A Cure named Cure Bunny had been trying to protect the kingdom with her bear mascot Berry and his two friends, Katty and Doggy. However, she failed and plummeted down to Earth and lost Katty and Doggy somehow and went into a different direction towards Nya City.


However when new student Natsumi Izumi, who is on her way to pick her friend up from school, gets hit in the face by Berry and Katty along with Doggy she didn't expect all these strange events to start off.

Then you got the villains who call themselves Animal Control they broke the Animal Crystal so that all animals will eventually cease to exist.

  • Queen Widow: An evil queen who wears all black, often seen hiding and controls spiders. Loves hurting animals and guessed to be age 29.
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  • Buzzy: A bee themed girl. Loves making people obey her and has an odd fetish for honey and money that most likely isn't normal. Aged 14.
  • Mothy: A moth themed man. Known to be a huge suck-up to Queen Widow and holds a deep grudge against against Cure Puppy as of Episode 4. Aged 24.

This fic contains examples of:

  • Arbitrary Scepticism: Alesha, for a while she couldn't believe that Emiko had lost her ability to transform because of head trauma. Despite the fact that she is a magical girl with puppy ears.
  • Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence: Cure Spider who was actually Queen Widow when she turns back to normal goes to Heaven in Episode 40/Finale.
  • Beach Episode: Episode 19 and 33.
  • Berserk Button: Naomi's seems to be when people dare to mock cats, Alesha's being when someone dares to question why she has a odd accent, Emiko's is when people don't believe the truth, the mascots all have the same one, when someone hurts an animal.
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  • By The Power Of Gray Skull: "Pretty Cure Animal Transmutation Activate!"
  • Catchphrase: Natsumi's; "Absolutely~nya!"
  • Cerebus Retcon: Because of the fact the Cures fuse with the animals, each time they transform they get weaker. As Pretty Cure are Made of Iron. But the Animal Crystal was cracked and as soon all animals will disappear that means the Cures won't be able to transform because their animal fairies get weaker every day. So in a nutshell eventually they will lose practically all their power, so that means eye sight fixing, Made of Iron, and their powers will eventually run out.
  • Combined Energy Attack: "Pretty Cure Animal Heart Explosion!" "Pretty Cure Heavenly Animal Symphony!"
  • Eye Catch: This series has six actually, two for the first half, two for the second, and two for the finale.

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