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Possession is a Fairy Tail shipping fic featuring Natsu and Lucy. It has two spinoffs, You Stole the Rain, a Gray/Juvia fic, and Limits, a Gajeel/Levy fic. One of the most realistic takes on the Natsu/Lucy ship, Possession starts with Lucy finding out she's out of the loop as to everyone regarding her as "Natsu's girl", and spirals off into fluff, complications, and mixed messages. All three stories are complete, totaling to 40 chapters.


This series provides examples of:

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  • Chaste Hero: Natsu to a fault... up until the end of the second chapter that is.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Lucy discover's that she's this in the first chapter (appropriately titled Out of the Loop) in regards to the fact that she's "Natsu's girl", something all of her guild mates and even LOKE/LEO believe, which eventually becomes true.
  • Official Couple: Throughout the fic, Natsu and Lucy eventually realize their true feelings for each other and start dating. Natsu even proposes by the Epilogue, in his own unique waynote . Yes, you read right. Freakin NATSU proposed!
    • Implied with Leo and Aries in Chapter 15. After Natsu scares Lucy right before their date, Leo shows up as Lucy had subconsciously called for him... who's shirt is unbutton and is attempting to straiten his hair. Leo's only comment on this is that he and Aires were "busy".

     You Stole the Rain 
  • Official Couple: What Gray and Juvia eventually become after some heartache, culminating with Gray proposing to Juvia on the night of Natsu and Lucy's wedding. Though he had to use his Ice Make magic to make a ringnote , Juvia accepted nonetheless.



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