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PonyFall: A Collaboration of Self-Inserts, is a collaborative fan work based on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, published on

In Equestria — Discord is (somehow) set free once more. Once again, he hides the Elements of Harmony and this time, he doesn't give a clue as to where they are. Their six bearers and the Princesses confront him in battle. In the midst of that, he manages to grab hold of Princess Luna. However, just as he was about to cast a spell, she does so as well and it results in a bright pink explosion, which engulfs everypony (and some who aren't ponies) in Ponyville and beyond...

On Earth — Imagine if you will, that you were out for a walk one day, a supposedly normal day like any other, when suddenly, the sky becomes a bright shade of pink for a few minutes, and you start to smell the aroma of chocolate fudge. While everyone is panicking you search for the source of the strange smell. You find a mysterious stranger (an Equestrian) passed out on the ground. Who is this strange person, and what will you do?

The current stories in the collaboration are:

Note: Some stories are much further along in the timeline than others - be prepared for spoilers in the longer ones.

Ponyfall contains examples of:

  • Accidental Pun: Ponyfall: Rainbows has this one in the first chapter (excluding prologue).
    Going with my plan, I dashed through the hallway, edging through a few guys who were busy going on about the Indianapolis Colts.
  • Adaptation Decay: In universe, several of the ponies have pointed out minor inaccuracies in the show's portrayal of events.
  • All Stories Are Real Somewhere: Will suggests as much when giving Rarity his theory on her situation.
  • Angrish: Rarity gets a tad upset when she discovers how she's depicted on some internet sites
    "How could- You People- It’s- No. NO! Why is this- How is this... You... Bronies... Friendship... I don’t- I can’t-” She shouted every attempt before finally throwing her hands up in the air and giving out a strangled cry that sounded like something halfway between one of the velociraptors from Jurassic Park and the Wilhelm scream before finally pointing at the screen and shouting, “FILTH!”
  • April Fools' Day: Chapter 5 of Leather and Lace
  • Batman in My Basement: A problem for some of the younger bronies, in particular John, who ends up having to hide the kids in his parents' guesthouse.
  • Body Horror: Twilight gets a chemical burn as part of her Heroic BSoD.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Garrett drops on of these after Applejack accidentally shoots part of his ear off.
  • Comically Missing the Point: After Rarity watches “Suited for Success”, her first reaction is to start angsting about how her reputation as a designer is now ruined in two worlds.
  • Darker and Edgier: The events that actually happened differ from the ones seen on the show.
  • Double Standard: Played for laughs: Sweetie Belle's attitude towards battling with her Chikorita changes when she realises it's a guy.
  • Good Samaritan: All of the human narrators qualify, even before they have confirmation that they're actually dealing with ponies.
  • Forced Transformation: Aside from the Equestrians, Ashton ends up turned into a dingo.
  • Heroic BSoD:
    • Twilight the day after her experience in the ER.
    • Applejack after watching Family Appreciation Day, which brought back memories of her parents' death.
  • Hot in Human Form: Pretty much everybody finds the Equestrian's human forms to be beautiful, especially Celestia's human form which has very huge knockers. It's even more awkward since they are found naked.
  • Humanity Ensues: And not just for the ponies - Angel Bunny is turned into a young, mute at first boy.
  • I Found You Like This: Most of the human protagonists have to explain this when the ponies accuse them of transforming them.
  • I Just Shot Marvin in the Face: Applejack accidentally gets Garrett through the ear when he's teaching her to shoot.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Matthew has this after he had Twilight stop a man from bleeding to death via a slashed throat.
  • Naked on Arrival: All of the Equestrians, with the exceptions of Discord and the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Twilight's reaction when she thinks her house got teleported high up in the sky. Her house was upside down.
    • Twilight again when she learns Discord is on the loose.
  • Politically Incorrect Hero: Garrett does not have kind things to say about Mexican Migrant Workers, although the ones we see don't encourage him to change his mind either.
  • Power Incontinence: Sweetie Belle, after her magic starts to return.
  • Refugee from TV Land: Some of them take it well, but Scootaloo ends up having an existential crisis.
  • Rule 34: Poor Rarity learns about this rule the HARD way in Leather and Lace chapter 7.
  • Take That!: Garrett calls the G3 ponies "spawns of Satan".
  • Through the Eyes of Madness: Several of Ashton's chapters, not helped by the fact that he had psychological problems even before meeting Discord.
  • Trapped in Another World
  • Video Game Caring Potential: While playing Pokémon, Sweetie Belle resists battling at all because she doesn't want her Chikorita, the first pet she's ever had that hasn't wanted to kill her, to get hurt. She changes her tune once Scootaloo tells her Chiki is a guy.
  • Wham Line: In chapter six of Twilight's Ponyfall, when it is revealed that the real name of the Jane Doe is Luna.
  • You Monster!: Applejack reacts in horror to Garrett eating meat.