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Here we have the return of the Thieves; joining alongside are a Revenant, a Shogi player, a Nekomata, and a compulsive gambler.

Written by Ford1114 , Persona Vein is a Persona 5 and Code Vein crossover, with elements of Nioh, and Kakegurui.

It is part of the Akane no Mai series.

Taking place four years after the canon storyline, the former Phantom Thieves are having normal adult lives. However, a Revenant (Who is the main customized Code Vein character) named Sion is accidentally transported to the present from his future timeline. Within his existence, this causes the reawakening of the legendary vigilantes, the involvement of Yokai and Guardian Spirits, the Lost monsters from Sion's world, and two young women (Hifumi Togo and Yumeko Jabami) to be involved in one mystery.

This story feels like an OVA with six long chapters akin to Digimon Adventure tri., especially the roles given to the Phantom Thieves and Hifumi. The first three chapters are serve as a promotion to Code Vein before the game's release. Meaning, this is the first Code Vein-related fanfic to date. Originally, the author would have planned the later chapters (Act 4 - Final) to be uploaded after Code Vein's initial release (September 2018), but since the game is pushed back to 2019, he has completed the story and showed surprises.


Spoilers are unmarked.

A sequel entitled Urban Legends is written by Kanius with the author involved in the production.

Also, an upcoming consolidated story remake of both this and Urban Legends is coming in 2020. It will bring new changes/corrections relating to Persona 5 Royal and the completed Code Vein, alongside other things serving as a revise/final draft.

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This fanfic provide examples of:

  • Adaptational Badass: The Phantom Thieves' return in the first chapter showcase their experienced status such as wielding their Ultimate Personas, especially Satanael as Ren's signature Persona.
    • Both Hifumi and Yumeko are given Guardian Spirits in allowing both to fight in the same level as the Thieves.
    • In the penultimate chapter, Hifumi becomes a goddess that she granted the Phantom Thieves and Akechi in fusing their Personas to gain Persona's Ascendancy.
  • Big Bad: Saklas, the Angel of Control.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: Yes, since there are no Shadows the heroes fight, most of the monster deaths are done by being torn apart in full bloody detail.
  • The Cameo:
    • Yuriko Nishinotoin made a cameo in the Meiji Shrine scene of Ch. 2.
    • Mary Saotome and Ryota Suzui appear in one scene of Ch. 3 where they are saved by Queen from a Lost.
    • In Ch. 5, Kirari Momobami and Sayaka Igarashi make cameos. Likewise, the cast of Persona 3 and Persona 4 have cameos.
  • Darker and Edgier: Obviously. With the appearances of real monsters (Lost and Yokai), the Phantom Thieves being young adults, the Metaverse being used in the real world, alongside the monster deaths are much gorier, there are some (pre)cautions.
  • Dark World: Distorted Osaka and Distorted Chiyoda.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: In Ch. 2, after the Phantom Thieves defeated Sion, they offered the Revenant to join them and become friends except Makoto. It took throughout Ch. 3 for Makoto to accept Sion as a comrade.
  • Eldritch Location: Distorted Osaka, a realm which the Phantom Thieves ventured to through Osaka Castle. It is a amalgamation of various sites of Osaka.
  • Giant Flyer: The Onmoraki in Ch. 3.
  • I'm Going to Disney World!: At the beginning of Ch. 3, some of the characters are having fun in Universal Studios Japan. Tokyo Disneyland (and DisneySea) are also mentioned (Especially the Phantom Thieves mentioned their brief celebration after clearing Okumura's Palace), meaning this setting is used instead of Destinyland like in game canon and various Persona 5 fanfics.
  • Official Couple: The focus goes to Hifumi Togo and Sion. Although Sion's existence is gone after the final battle, his modern day incarnation by Skyler appears for the couple to start over.
    • Ren Amamiya and Ann Takamaki are together. At the end of the story, they are married.
    • Makoto and Haru become this in Ch. 5.
  • Orochi: In Ch. 5, the Phantom Thieves (sans Joker) fight the Yamata-no-Orochi in the Imperial Palace. Queen finished him off by destroying his heart and making the serpent explode.
  • Ship Tease: Throughout the story, there are moments that Hifumi and Sion are going to pair up. They finally did in Ch. 5 within their sexual intercourse. Sadly, Sion fades out of existence after the final battle, but there is hope when Hifumi meets Skyler.
    • Ch. 3 took a glimpse to see a potential pairing of Makoto and Haru when they accidentally touch each other's hands in an onsen. They become an official couple in Ch. 5.
  • Shout-Out: Some of Joker's fighting styles are taken cue of Mad Dog of Shimano.
  • Youkai: The Yokai of the Nioh lore are involved in the storyline that the protagonists fight.