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Fan Fic / Paradigm of Uncertainty

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"Describe Paradigm of Uncertainty here."

One can but try. Harry Potter and the Paradigm of Uncertainty by Lori Summers is one of the classics of the Harry Potter fandom, and is in brief a Continuation fic showing what the characters have been up to since leaving Hogwarts. It focuses on the non-canonical relationship between Harry and Hermione.

This simple description, however, fails to capture the full essence of the... experience that is Paradigm of Uncertainty. We have Harry as a spy. We have a new wizard war, a crossover with The Changeover, an arch-villain not introduced until later on with a backstory that has to be seen to be believed, and lots of weird shenanigans on the way. None of which, amazingly enough, detracts from the well-written character-driven narrative.


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