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"Changing universes, gaining a superpower, and merging body and soul with a homeless orphan was honestly way less dramatic than I was expecting. Or at least the “changing universes, gaining a superpower, and merging body and soul with a homeless orphan” part was. The ‘’rest’’ of the story, not so much."
—>— ”Jacqueline Colere”

Orderly is a Worm fanfiction by Obscura_of_the_House_of_Moon_and_Star .


The unnamed narrator was just minding her own business when “The Patron” contacted them. By letter. Attached to a blunt arrow. Which hit her right between the eyes.After reading the letter, being congratulated on the honour, and in no way agreeing or giving consent to anything, the narrator finds themselves merged with a girl on Earth Bet, at Winslow High School, right in the middle of the very first chapter of ‘’Worm’’. None of which is familiar to them in the slightest, although the letter-writer seemed to think it would be otherwise.The newly forged “Jacqueline Colere”, being a decent person, steps into things.Despite the silly-sounding premise and opening, “Orderly” is not a purely comedic story, containing large amounts of problems, both personal and otherwise, as well as a rather serious plot. “Jacqueline Colere” has rather serious problems, coming from both both of her previous selves and the merger itself, and starting by the sixth chapter it ‘’shows’’.Orderly can be found at [1]


Tropes found in this fanfiction:

  • Conveniently Unverifiable Cover Story: “Jacqueline Colere” really is from Newfoundland, or at least the original Jacqueline Colere was, but uses the fact that nobody can check up on her past there to explain her religion, which does not actually exist on Earth Bet. Few details are given.
  • Deathof Personality: A serious concern for the new “Jacqueline Colere”. What, exactly, happened to the previous bearer of the name?
  • Hurt/Comfort Fic: Somewhat.
  • Trans Nature: Both the original Jacqueline Colere and the unnamed individual who “Patron” inserted into her are trans women, and had already separately transitioned before the story started. A doctor/Tinker who specializes in transitions is mentioned in one chapter, and is apparently a trans man himself.

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