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Fanfic / Onepiecerealitytrip

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Onepiece reality trip is a fan fic by Plumalchemyst about her and her friends and a couple family members ending up in the one piece world through things called doorways. It can be read here.

  • Alternate Universe Fic: Is such as two people can have the same devil fruit as seen with Coco getting Gum Gum Fruit powers too and being trained by Luffy on how to fight.
  • Crossover: Washu of Tenchi Muyo and Techna of Wynx join in helping get Plum and co back home. also a brief mention of Hayley from American dad when Coco laughs and points out Bella Donna looks like her.
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  • Inner Monologue: Plumalchemyst aka Emily talks to her reality chiding side who as of the moment is in a coma.


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