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He started fucking punching them, knees digging into their sides to keep them from moving. Their hands stayed up around their head to protect their face but Izuku kept attacking them. "Even your mom knew that you were worthless!" Punch "When your mom found out you—" punch "—didn't have a Quirk she cried 'cause she was ashamed!" Punch "She never thought you could become a hero!" Punch "Worthless!"

100% Riot is a My Hero Academia fanfic written by InfamousRowe and IveSeenThisShowBefore.

After the death of his mother from a fire caused by the number two hero, the orphaned Izuku is forced to live with Katsuki Bakugo. After enduring their abuse and learning to fight in an illegal fighting club, Izuku eventually runs away and becomes the delivery boy for an arms-dealer trafficking weapons and gadgets for supervillains. Izuku is given the opportunity to turn his life around at U.A., but will he become the greatest hero the world has ever seen, or its greatest enemy?

This fanfic can be read on Archive of Our Own here.


This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Adaptational Badass: This incarnation of Izuku not only knows how to fight and evade opponents bigger and stronger than him, but he is equipped with a variety of gadgets and weapons that allow him to compensate for his quirklessness. A good example of just how impressive this is is when not only was he able to save Uraraka from the Zero-Pointer during the entrance exam, but he did it quirkless and getting away with ranking the number one spot.
  • Adaptational Jerkass:
    • Justified in the case of Izuku. After his mother dies in a fire caused by Endeavor, is stopped from trying to save her himself by one of Endeavor's sidekicks and being thoroughly abused at the Bakugo household, Izuku has developed a much more cynical outlook. He gives insulting nicknames to other people internally, knowingly acts as a delivery boy for selling weapons to villains, routinely fights in illegal fight clubs and has developed a generally sour opinion of heroes and the system that allows them to thrive. He only enters U.A. just to spite All Might when he told him that being quirkless would mean he could never be a hero.
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    • While they do not appear very often, Bakugo's parents in the manga are explicitly affable when compared to their son, even admitting that their son can be a disrespectful brat and disciplining him when he acts rude to Aizawa and Toshinori while in their home. In 100% Riot however, they ignore Izuku every chance they get no matter how physically or emotionally worn down he is under the assumption that he is somehow to blame for his mother's death. The only time they ever give him the time of day is to scold him for his dropping grades. Izuku points out that they actually don't care about his well-being and that they are only worried about how his poor grades would reflect back onto them.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: When Bakugo's parents try and discipline Izuku for his dropping grades, Izuku is quick to point out how they never seemed to care about him and his well-being until it drew attention.
  • Fight Clubbing: Shortly after his mother's death, Izuku is tricked into being entered an illegal fighting ring, barely winning with his quick wits and a trick the bouncer outside taught him. He would eventually use the fight club as a means of venting for his problems before getting permanently banned from it for nearly killing his opponent. Rika would eventually hook him up with a new fighting club where he can be as rough as he want, signing up as his manager.
  • Foster Kid: After Inko's death, Izuku is brought into Bakugo's home. The only problem is that they seem to believe that her death was in some way Izuku's fault since he is quirkless and proceed to abuse him. Katsuki does so physically and verbally, taking out his aggression on the defenseless Izuku, while his parents do so through neglect, looking the other way when Izuku comes home covered in bruises and burns from Katsuki and his time at the fight club.
  • Mythology Gag: The alias Izuku takes when entering U.A. - Mikumo Akatani - is the very name that canon!Izuku would have had during the developmental stages of My Hero Academia.
  • The Nicknamer: Izuku tends to give rather spiteful nicknames to other characters that he does not like (or at least merely tolerates). Examples include Eraserhead (Pencil-Man), All Might (Ass Munch) and Shigaraki (FuckHandsMcGee).
  • Trauma Conga Line: Izuku becomes an orphan when a fight between Endeavor and a villain burns down the apartment building he and his mother called home. When he tries running in to save her, he is restrained by one of Endeavor's sidekicks, doing nothing to save Inko himself with the excuse that he does not have the right quirk to handle the danger. With no family left, he is brought in by the Bakugo family. Katsuki tells him to his face that Inko's death was Izuku's fault because he was born quirkless and proceeds to physically abuse Izuku whenever he needs to vent his frustrations. Katsuki's parents ignore Izuku every chance they get with the implication that they share their son's opinions about him. Izuku finds catharsis in an illegal fight club, only to get kicked out when he nearly kills his opponent when he is pushed to the edge. The Bakugos then try to keep him at home when Izuku's deteriorating quality of life begins to affect his schoolwork, worrying that the authorities discovering how bad Izuku's home-life is will reflect poorly on them before Izuku runs away.
  • Useless Superpowers: Parodied. When Aizawa interrogates Izuku, Izuku claims that his quirk is the power to make his toenails grow abnormally fast. It is when he submits this as his quirk when he signs into U.A. does this clue Aizawa in that Izuku and Akatani are the same person.


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