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Of Blond Hair and Blue Eyes by LadyElocin is a One Piece fanfiction, specifically of the Zoro and Sanji pairing.

After a night of drunken sex with Zoro, Sanji was left angry, moody, and sick. Zoro was oblivious and doesn't have a single memory. After convincing on part of Zoro, Sanji went to Chopper for an appointment.

A cautious Chopper revealed he was pregnant. Sanji didn't want to believe it until he saw the sonogram of the growing child in him. Shocked out of his mind, he decided to leave the ship with his crew's blessing...with the knowledge that Zoro must never be told of this.


Four years later, Zoro and Usopp ran into Roronoa Kaitarou, the son of Sanji and Zoro.

Zoro and Sanji had no idea that things would unravel once they reunited.

Has a sequel here.

The tropes below apply only to the fanfic.

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The Fanfiction has tropes as:

  • Acceptable Breaks from Canon: This was written during the time of Whole Cake Island arc, just before the actual wedding too. Besides, the insanity of the OP world lends itself to mindboggling things. A herb that changed a male's reproductive system and hormones congenitally can exist in a world where an island is full of sweets and islands up in the sky. It's also difficult to track the timeline of the Post-Time Skip because we don't know when the Strawhats reunited at Sabaody, only the years they spend training. As a result of this, the fic placed the conception of Kaitarou sometime in October because he was born in July.
  • Adult Fear: Kaitarou being hurt, especially dying, in any way tends to do this for his parents, the rest of the Strawhats, Sora, Vallo, and Ranport. When Kaitarou was kidnapped in the second book, his parents and family were frightened for his life not unlike how children are stolen right out of their beds/homes right under the noses of their parents.
    • Pregnancy complications that could potentially lead to death. Zoro feared for Sanji and their baby's safety he overreacts to the slightest risk of possible injury. As strong as both Sanji and their baby are, Zoro couldn't help but worry. Sanji also experienced this in his first pregnancy when he came down with a fever. No matter how much reassurance he got from Ranport, Sanji worried.
  • Aerith and Bob: On the original characters side, there is Kaitarou, Ranport, Vallo, Sora, and Dan. In the sequel, there's Lukas.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Zoro and Sanji called their newest little baby Sprout. What makes it better was that Zoro, a proud daddy-to-be, named this. Kaitarou was given the nickname by his doting aunts and uncles, "Kai-chan", whereas his parents prefer to use his full name or other nicks like 'sweetheart' or 'son'.
  • Aphrodisiac: Of course, one exists in the One Piece world. A syringe of one such was used by Human Traffickers into Sanji's body. According to Law, it made Sanji very needy and needed an ejaculation to stop it. This particular liquid also made sure Sanji can't move his body.
  • Babies Ever After: Very much downplayed. Zoro and Sanji had always planned a second child and did finally get that second baby or the reveal of said pregnancy by the end. However, the announcement of the second pregnancy was revealed at a time of great turmoil in the Wano Kuni arc or at least just before it and a turbulent war between Revolutionaries and the World Government.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: What everybody in the Strawhats called Zoro and Sanji's relationship. While the couple still fights in the duration of their second pregnancy, it's much calmer now because of the need for Sanji and the baby's safety.
  • Beta Couple: Zig-Zagged with two known couples. Law and Luffy had not gotten together but their relationship still acts more stable than Zoro and Sanji's in time of crisis. However, Zoro and Sanji are the Beta Couple to Law. Once Zoro and Sanji got their act together and married, Law and Luffy are up in the air.
  • Broad Strokes:
    • Unlike in canon where Sanji was captured somewhere between the rest of the crew's arrival in Zou, Sanji wasn't captured by Bege and stayed in the duration of the Zou Arc. The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance is implied to still exist although the Minks and Samurais have yet to appear. Instead, Sanji was captured by Perospero by the time of WCI in-fic. Like his apology to Chopper, Nami, and Brook, he apologized to Sora and left a similar letter.
    • Bege wasn't there in this story's version of Whole Cake Island arc and neither were Chiffon and Pez. Pekoms was mentioned. However, his conversation regarding the Vinsmokes was implied to take place years later rather than during the Zou arc. Pedro and Carrot weren't in this, either, but it's implied they are likely with the rest of the Minks and Samurais.
    • The war with Kaidou has expanded to a four years extension due to Kaitarou in general. Once Sanji returned, the plot kicked back right into the canon territory.
    • Sanji is still engaged to one of Big Mom's kids (likely in the same timeframe as in canon), but it's not Pudding. It's Katakuri. That change is likely because of Sanji's condition to produce children as Judge called Sanji a bride.
    • Sanji did not fight Judge or his brothers which means he didn't have the major face injury. On that matter, he didn't fight with Luffy nor did Luffy make that declaration he would only eat Sanji's food. It's Zoro whom he fights with albeit not in the physical fight but rather an emotional fight. Zoro was the one who made a similar emotional declaration like Luffy in canon but as part of the Official Couple, he was intentionally romantic.
    • This time, all the Strawhats are at Whole Cake Island, each with different roles. While Zoro went to have fun with Sanji and eventually convinced him to leave with them, Nami and Luffy defeated Cracker but seemed to have an easier time too due to their fights with the Beast Pirates. Brulee was still captured by the Strawhats. Brook managed to get the rubbings of the Poneglyphs in Big Mom's treasure room with Robin's help; if Big Mom's screams were anything, she and Brook exchanged something similar as in canon. Jinbei was implied to have joined the crew already.
    • Reiju still learned about the impending execution at the wedding. However, she wasn't injured nor her memory was removed but instead lured into knowing the truth just so the siblings can execute them the night before. Sanji still has his gold cuffs as in were canon's explanation of them being fakes and switched by Reiju. Sanji didn't overhear the conversation or try to make a bento for his fiance. Instead, he was cooped up in his room, implied to not stepped out since his meeting with Katakuri. Reiju took his place in the canon, overhearing Pudding's talk of the execution.
    • The wedding didn't take place as the Charlotte siblings teamed up to kill earlier than expected because they were protective of their Aloof Big Brother marrying trash.
    • Luffy didn't fight Katakuri or even attempt to. Instead, it's Zoro who fought Katakuri with the help of Sanji. Although they never finished the fight because of Sanji's intervention.
    • Like the Pudding situation, Sanji complimented Katakuri's mouth which made Katakuri fall for him. Katakuri even gave him a parting kiss that he wanted as a request, just like Pudding.
    • It implied in the second book that Sanji got his bounty updated just like in canon with his last name pasted on it being Vinsmoke. It's also stated the news of Sanji's Arranged Marriage to Katakuri spread around the world including to Baratie by "Big News" Morgans.
    • The Grand Fleet was used in the Wano war in this fic which made sense since canon implied the Grand Fleet will be there after Reverie. We don’t know if Reverie will be held but since the conference is held quadrennially, it’s still going to happen with the fic’s Time Skip.
  • But I Can't Be Pregnant!: Sanji and Vallo's understandable reaction. It wasn't until the sonograms did they truly believe the insanity of their condition.
  • But Not Too Bi: While Sanji is still flirtatious with women, he doesn't reject men's advances as if they were the plague or because they were men. He rejected them because he doesn't reciprocate as demonstrated with Katakuri and Dan. Hell, when he beat up the men who touched him back on the ship back to Barteru, he made it a point that he beat them up because they were perverts and not because they were men. At the same time, he can't see himself with any other man except Zoro. And that's with the addendum he would carry their child as well. Notably, while he did reject Katakuri, he just didn't understand the kiss or if Katakuri had fallen for him or not but he didn't hate Katakuri afterward. He didn't reject men's advances as long as they respect him or see them as good people as in the case of Dan (Dan's love confession) and Katakuri (when he started to see the real Katakuri with the latter's constant rescuing). On that note, Sanji worried about his nakama's reaction about having two guys together to which Robin reassured him that others may take prejudice, the crew would love and graciously accommodate them, making Sanji aware that he is with a man, Happily Married, and off the market for both men and women.
  • Cast Full of Gay: Downplayed. The sexualities of the Strawhats are not straight or at least unknown as Zoro made it a point he doesn't sleep with just women. Not even Law is excused from this as he is definitely attracted to Luffy. It's more ambiguous but everybody is not straight.
  • Child Soldiers: Zig-Zagged. Kaitarou wasn’t originally trained to fight against baddies as the Strawhats preferred to protect him. The only reason his parents allowed the training was to defend himself in the pirate world. Yet he is still vulnerable and would not reach his potential until he’s grown up. What his parents hoped was that he never had to fight. His role in fights most of the time was being in distress.
  • Children Are Innocent: Kaitarou. His parents would like to keep it that way. The Strawhats agreed.
  • Clueless Dude Magnet: So far, Zoro, Dan, and Katakuri fell for Sanji and Sanji only chose one of the three. Katakuri behaved appropriately and backed off while Dan refused the rejection and would go to great lengths to get him.
  • Connected All Along: Dan was a subordinate and affiliate to Donquixote Doflamingo.
  • Cover Innocent Eyes and Ears: Usopp is usually the one who would make sure Kaitarou is not exposed to anything bad too early in his childhood. One example is the wedding kiss.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Sanji, Zoro and Dan.
    • The situation with Rina forced a lot of Sanji's jealousy upwards with hurt that technically Zoro cheated him months before they reunited and he wouldn't want to hurt a woman, especially one carrying his lover's child. After that was resolved, he cooled down; although he still admits that anybody touching Zoro would leave him seething with rage.
    • Zoro was more upfront of his jealousy. He threatened a guy's jugular for touching Sanji and nearly went after Katakuri for the goodbye kiss. He didn't trust Dan for this reason alongside sensing something off about him.
    • Dan. He would make sure Sora is to be killed despite spending two years working with her and friendly enough to befriend Sanji. He wanted to separate Zoro and Sanji to the point he would try to break the Strawhats' nakamaship. He doesn't care about how many bridges he burned just as long as he has Sanji.

  • Daddy's Girl: Vallo is close to his daughter, Sora. Sanji wanted a girl as his second child.
  • Disappeared Dad: Kaitarou was hurt why his other father was never with them. In Zoro's part, he never knew. During Zoro's Heroic BSoD, Sanji in a fit of rage threatened to make him just the Glorified Sperm Donor who has no right to see his child at all. Later, Sanji admitted to himself that was extreme and hypocritical; he apologized to Zoro in their much-needed talk for saying such a thing and stated all he wanted for Kaitarou is to have his other dad in his life.
  • Family Tropes:
    • Cool Aunts and Uncles: The rest of the Strawhats, exempting the parents, acts as one for Kaitarou and the new future Strawhat baby.
    • Family of Choice / True Companions: The idea of nakama was instilled into Kaitarou through the efforts of the Strawhats.
    • It Runs in the Family: Usopp noted Kaitarou was just as dependable and brave like his parents. Like the Monkey D. and Gol D. lines, two of the Monster trio would provide monsters at a young age. Nami and Sanji witnessed Kaitarou's first use of Armament Haki and Diable Jambe. His untrained kick could crack and rock a ship made of Adam wood. Zoro noticed his child was capable of climbing stairs of boxes in spite of his size, something he said with pride that Kaitarou was his and Sanji's son after all.
  • Fanboy: Barto and the Barto Club, of course. Their reactions towards the existence of Kaitarou and Sanji's second pregnancy would be loud.
  • Fan Disservice: Imagine a beautiful man bound in chains and half-naked, looking extremely needy. On a stage in front of slavers who believed they are entitled to rape him simply because of his 'exotic' stature of a missing Strawhat pirate and his ability to produce children. And his neediness is nonconsensual which is a result of a Aphrodisiac.
    • Sanji’s Shameful Strip by Katakuri. When Katakuri ordered him to, Sanji doesn’t want to but the threats of Katakuri stripping him and the explosive handcuffs were too cruel. He was touched and admired until Katakuri announced Sanji will carry his child, breaking Sanji’s spirits. The entire scene came off as rapey.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: In the epilogue, Sanji wasn't smoking. Keep in mind, he wasn't smoking when receiving and reading Zeff's letter and just last chapter, Sanji smoked right after Vallo's funeral. Sanji made it a point he doesn't smoke around Kaitarou but Kaitarou had long since woken up and kept under observation in the infirmary. Sanji wasn't anywhere near the infirmary. According to Sanji, it had been three weeks since Vallo's funeral and the escape from WCI. With those hints in mind, there is only one thing that could mean.
  • Foil:
    • The Roronoa and the Bege families up to the getting together of the couples. Both are the only known Supernovae who are currently raising a family/having kids. As a result of this, these Supernovae adapted their families into their dreams; dedicating themselves to their family and their dreams.
      • Bege and Zoro are part of the Worst Generation. Bege is one of the older Supernovae while Zoro was in the younger spectrum. While Zoro and Sanji are Bishounen, Bege and Chiffon are gonks. Obviously, both are part of different crews and hold different positions: Zoro is the swordsman/first mate while Bege is the captain.
      • Bege and Chiffon has a Perfectly Arranged Marriage whereas Zoro and Sanji had fallen in love Pre-Time Skip but it took some time for them to get properly together. Both couples are deeply in love and Happily Married. Whereas Bege reaffirmed his love for Chiffon every chance he got, Zoro made mistakes but was quick to reaffirm his love for Sanji once he realized his mistakes. Their children symbolized their love but how they got together from their child is different. Zoro and Sanji did not get together for the sake of their child but the child sped up the process of two stubborn idiots who were forced to confront their feelings. Bege and Chiffon fell in love with the timeframe between the birth of Pez and possibly their meeting before the wedding.
      • They both have a son, whom they are loving parents. While Zoro and Sanji did not want to expose their son to violence and hard training at a very early age, they told Kaitarou pirates' freedom and adventures. Bege and Chiffon are grooming Pez to become the next Don, exposing him to violence at a young age. Both of their sons are a year apart. Their respective son is additionally Patchwork Kids.
    • Sora and Kaitarou. Both are born from two males and have extraordinary power. While Sora was kept alive for and because of her Devil Fruit, Kaitarou's innate monster strength was inherited from his parents and because his parents are infamous pirates, he must die. Sora has the anonymity of two men who were normal and targetted only because one of her fathers can carry children; she is too ordinary that pirates nor Marines took a glance at her. Kaitarou stuck out in the crowd too much because of his parents; Germa spies were able to identify him as their disowned prince's son precisely because of the curly brows.

  • Glamour: Dan's unnamed Devil Fruit powers allowed memory manipulation where one must wish for it. This happened to Rina who supposedly carried Zoro's unborn child when she really isn't.
  • Good Parents / Doting Parent: Sanji and Zoro. As much as they don't want to, they are also fully aware that their child needs to defend himself in the world of piracy so they have to teach him ways of survival. Still, they were domestic and spend time with their child as much as they can. They refused to show any negative emotions or display weakness in front of Kaitarou so their son can lean on them. They are very proud of their son's bravery and monstrous strength, especially Zoro when he learned his son's budding Haki.
    • Vallo and his deceased lover for Sora. Vallo's dead lover went as far as being The Bait for Vallo and their daughter's escape.
  • Happily Married: Zoro and Sanji married in the second book and remained happy together. They're already arguing Like an Old Married Couple.
  • Harmful to Minors: Ever since the plot kicked in, Kaitarou was forced to watch his father bleed almost to death, held hostage and nearly shot at by his father's would-be captors, separated from his parents, nearly coated in Perospero's Candy Man technique, his father refusing to acknowledge him - both of them too! -, watched Perospero brutally beat his father, and stabbed by Perospero. It continued into the second book with his kidnapping and beating by Marines. If Sanji were to ask, he would not have Kaitarou join him in their journey because as fun as a pirate is, it's dangerous. Something that the Strawhats agreed with, not wanting him exposed to violence. He is brave and has monstrous strength that is potentially stronger than his parents but he's still too young, even if he's the son of two infamous pirates in an equally infamous pirate crew. Kaitarou would’ve stayed in Banaru if he was not born of two males and hidden ala Usopp or Ace.
  • Has Two Mommies: Or Daddies in this case. The Homosexual Reproduction only charged into Mr. Seahorse direction.
  • He's All Grown Up: Kaitarou, when drawn by the author as a young adult, was noted to be quite handsome like his parents.
  • Heroic Bastard: Before Zoro and Sanji married, Kaitarou was this. It's unknown if Sora's parents married but it's probably a no because Vallo referred to his lover as simply his lover. Zoro and Sanji still called each other lovers but mostly husband since their marriage.
  • Imperiled in Pregnancy: To say Sanji is in danger countless times during his pregnancies is an understatement. How often he is in danger would give his crew, especially Chopper and Zoro, an aneurysm.
  • Innocent Swearing: By sheer accident, Zoro, Sanji, and Nami said the f-word in front of Kaitarou while addressing Zoro and Sanji's sex life. Robin was amused, Usopp less so.
  • Intersex: Downplayed. The men who are capable of producing children identified themselves as male because of never been told. The systems of Sanji, Vallo, and possibly others possessed work as in Sanji could get pregnant and make females pregnant. The female reproductive system meshed so well into the body that Sanji wasn't able to tell he has it. In all likelihood, unless doctors don't know the mother took the necessary drug, the child is just male and only male and told the child so.
  • Irony: Zoro and Sanji's lovechild has green hair and curly eyebrows, something his parents always teased each other about. The Strawhats noted this too. Even now, they seemed to tease their child about either parent's notable feature.
  • "It" Is Dehumanizing: The Charlotte siblings called Sanji anything else but his name because, in their eyes, he was not worth marrying their perfect Katakuri. Zoro took major affront to this. People referred to the children of men who could produce children as the derogatorily 'spawn'.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy:
    • Sanji about Zoro's perspective lovers should the latter rejects him. All he wanted was for his son to have his father in his life, regardless of his personal feelings toward Zoro's lover. This almost happened with the situation with Rina but was quickly resolved.
    • Katakuri. He's aware that Sanji did not love that way and willingly let him go back to the Sunny and Zoro.

  • Killed Off for Real: Vallo and Dan
  • Like Father, Unlike Son / Like Father, Like Son: Nami noted that Kaitarou is cute and polite, unlike his parents to the point she asked jokingly if he was adopted instead of their blood. It's partially a result of being in the presence of Sora, Vallo, and Ranport, the Team Normal traveling companions. However, he's also brave and dependable like his parents. While he did spend four years with his father who taught him to be polite especially to women, he still hasn't learned his father's Wouldn't Hit a Girl stance to its fullest.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: At Sanji's request for his crew, Zoro was to never be told of his pending fatherhood. Nami didn't like it because she believed Zoro should have the knowledge. Luffy intentionally sent Zoro and Usopp, knowing that the former would learn about his child once they reunite with Sanji. Sanji still experiences guilt for taking time away between father and child as well as Zoro's lack of participation in the pregnancy.
  • Luke, You Are My Father: While Kaitarou hadn't exactly told Zoro the truth, he did call Zoro 'Daddy' and his surname is Roronoa. Zoro didn't think much of it, probably because if he goes there, it's insanity. Sanji was the one revealed the truth and Zoro didn't believe it that is until Sanji said the crew knew.
  • Manly Tears: Zoro sheds some when Sanji revealed his second pregnancy to him and the rest of the crew.
  • Married at Sea: Zoro and Sanji on the Thousand Sunny by Luffy. Luffy, as captain of his crew, can marry them off because the captain's word is law and absolute in the piracy world.
  • May–December Romance: Katakuri and Sanji's Arranged Marriage; Sanji is 25 and Katakuri is 52. Law and Luffy also have this too with Law being 30 and Luffy being 23.
  • Meaningful Name: Sanji chose Kaitarou which literally means "Son of the Big Sea", making him what Zoro called their little All Blue. His name was chosen for Sanji's love and wanderlust for the sea, his dream of the All Blue, and his fathers' positions as pirates.
  • Mr. Seahorse: Sanji and Vallo. It was given a justified reason in the fic where a drug called amagenon used in medicine that worked wonders but had side-effects, to say the least. Sanji is currently in his second pregnancy. It's also deconstructed; Sanji had been very ill because his male body wasn't meant to carry children in the first place. Understandably, people thought there was no possible way this even exists. Smoker explained it's a rare but not unheard of condition. This exoticness of such a person, especially in a world where weird stuff happens as common as the waters of the ocean, makes them an easy target for death or slavery.
    • It was so shameful and preposterous for the WG to consider mercy. Although the World Nobles would undoubtedly try to get their hands on these "exotic creatures", the WG would prefer they don't exist. Information was destroyed and the only reason Chopper and Ranport knew about amagenon was by sheer luck. Chopper continued to study during the Time Skip while Ranport had personal experiences.
  • Mr. Exposition: Chopper, Ranport, and Vallo regarding the history of amagenon and the congenitally affected men. The latter two experienced the horrors firsthand.
  • The Mourning After: Vallo never took another lover after his One True Love's death. Justified because his condition is very precarious. Likely because of Dan and Perospero, the slave traders and kidnappers see no value in Vallo, despite sharing the same condition as Sanji, because they don't know or care to know about it.

  • No Sense of Direction: Zoro and Kaitarou. The Strawhats expressed disbelief that the pair is capable of getting lost in Sunny, their own home. In fact, the only reason Usopp and Zoro found Sanji much quicker was because they ran into Kaitarou in the bar district.
  • Not in Front of the Kid: While Sanji refused to smoke in front of Kaitarou, he had not toned down his Sir Swears-a-Lot one bit. Reviewers noticed this too. Even Zoro, a Sir Swears-a-Lot himself, pointed out that he has the dirtiest mouth in the entire crew. Zoro was correct that they were in a pirate ship where swearing is a norm and Kaitarou would learn it anyway. The best they can do is to teach what is right and wrong of bad and good language and let him decide.
  • Official Couple Ordeal Syndrome: Both books so far created troubles for Sanji and Zoro after some chapters of happiness.
  • Open Secret: It turns out everybody in the Sunny including Luffy already knew Sanji had conceived again, leaving Zoro to be the only one left to be told. And it's not like Sanji told everyone else either. They knew by his behavior.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: Vallo, Sanji, and Zoro feared this whenever something dangerous happened to their child. Ranport ended up outliving his son, but thankfully not his granddaughter.
  • Papa Wolf: Zoro, Sanji, Vallo, Vallo's deceased lover for their children.
  • Patchwork Kids: Downplayed. Kaitarou and likely his little sibling. While Kaitarou has curly eyebrows and green hair, his parents kept saying he either looked more like the other while others such as Nami and Usopp stated he looked like the best mix of both of them. Considering this is a world where Capone Pez, a child of Capone Bege and Charlotte Chiffon, exists...
  • The Peeping Tom: Well, more listening than seeing. Reiju, Law, and Perospero knew the pair did it. It's downplayed in Perospero's case because he knew Zoro would go after Sanji and the readers don't know if he heard it exactly or he just knew what would happen. Law didn't exactly hear as much as he noticed the hickeys so he wasn't peeping.
  • Pensieve Flashback: Sora's Devil Fruit powers. Its primary function is to dive into people's deepest memories and watch it. It also brings up every single detail of their memories that a character experienced fully on that particular memory but not so much remembered next time weeks later. Zoro was able to see some memories of Sanji and baby Kaitarou as a result of this. She was able to control it by the time she met the rest of the Strawhats.
  • Pregnancy Tropes:
    • Morning Sickness: Sanji's nausea which he hates.
    • No Periods, Period: Men who are capable of producing children doesn't seem to have periods. In fact, Chopper calculated by the conception date. According to the author, it's better left unexplained and to the imagination; she is a doctor-in-training who stated the making of the fictional depiction of these men's reproductive system is fun.
    • One Night Stand Pregnancy / Surprise Pregnancy: Sanji stated that one night with Zoro was a mistake but he kept thinking about it. However, he also conceived Kaitarou then and the possibility he might be pregnant never crossed his mind. The latter is understandable because basic laws of human reproduction stated a man does not get pregnant. Vallo's pregnancy was the latter.
    • Pregnancy Makes You Crazy: Zoro was the poor target during the two months of Sanji's first pregnancy. Others had noticed Sanji's emotions heightened enough to lash out. During his second pregnancy, Chopper even warned Zoro Sanji's emotions are wacky.

  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Luffy. He asks the important questions during Sanji's private meeting with the crew exempting Zoro. He also asked Zoro and Usopp to find and bring back Sanji to the Sunny with a vow to protect his nakama's child due to the troubling matters with Big Mom and the Vinsmokes. He also asked Law to take Zoro to Sanji to finally convince the latter.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • A man learning he has a child won't immediately accept what's going on, especially when his friends were let on in the secret. Hell, he doesn't know how to react if the person who bears his child loves him.
    • The Mole who falsified the paternity of her child would not bear any more guilt if people she is trying to trick kept treating her with kindness. Especially one with a conscience and trying to protect her lover and child.
    • A child, no matter how much of a monster he is, is still vulnerable. This was why Shanks doesn't want Luffy on board. If they want to survive in a pirate ship and survive a dangerous journey, particularly with a Weirdness Magnet crew, the child has to learn how to protect themselves. Not only that, the child could be potentially targeted for various reasons, particularly a child of pirates in an infamous crew.
    • A pregnant person is incredibly vulnerable. Dangerous behavior for a pregnant person might potentially lead to miscarriage or death of the mother. It was by luck Rina didn't miscarry. Rina and Sanji were often heavily protected but if someone knew about their pregnancies, enemies would undoubtedly try to use them as leverage. Just as the Marines would later learn about Sanji's second pregnancy.
      • On that note, pregnancy itself. For all its miracles, pregnancy can be biologically dangerous for the mother and child.
  • Sent Into Hiding: Sanji secluded himself in Banaru Island, the sister island of Barteru Island, with Sora, Ranport, and Vallo. There were sightings of him then and there but Sanji tried to hide Kaitarou and himself as best as they possibly can.
  • Sex Tropes:
    • No Pregger Sex: Chopper and Ranport gave Sanji and Zoro the okay for sexual intercourse as long as they are in positions that wouldn't hurt the baby in any way.
    • Power Is Sexy: It's implied part of the reason Zoro is attracted to Sanji is Sanji's equal in power to his own. Katakuri noticed how strong Sanji was and that strength would make him good for his child.
    • Sexposition: Twice in the first book. First, Zoro and Sanji regarding the C-section scar and Sanji's second pregnancy. The second, Zoro and Sanji regarding their love for each other and the bonus of conception.
      • A third happened in the second book regarding the baby and Sanji's surname.
  • Sexual Harassment and Rape Tropes:
    • Attempted Rape: A noble who bought Sanji at a Barteru Island's slave auction planned to do this to Sanji had it been for Zoro coming in.
    • Bathe Her and Bring Her to Me: Katakuri stated after the wedding, the servants would bathe Sanji for the wedding night.
    • Marital Rape License: It seemed to be what implied from Katakuri's promise to Sanji in their first meeting. Combined this with Breeding Slave, Sanji threw logic out of the window in order to have sex with Zoro the night before the wedding day just so he cannot carry Katakuri's kid.
    • Shameful Strip: Sanji was forced to take his shirt off by Katakuri. As Sanji puts it, it was humiliating.
  • Secret Keeper: Sanji's condition to produce children spread to those who can be trusted. It does help that not a lot of people would believe such a man exists. According to Sakazuki, rumors endures in the underworld.
    • Chopper and Robin for Sanji's pregnancy.
    • Later the rest of the Strawhats would later learn of Sanji's pregnancy and Zoro's paternity. However, they were sworn by Sanji's request to keep it a secret from Zoro despite differing opinions. Zoro did forgive Sanji and his crew for keeping such a life-changing decision away from him, even if he wanted to know the truth and like what others had thought, should have a say in the child.
    • Law eventually get into the secret himself. Given the Heart Pirates attended the Zoro/Sanji wedding, they were likely into the secret.
    • Zeff learned about Sanji's condition by the end of the story via letter. Least now he knew why Sanji was chosen to marry a man, rather than a woman. It's unlikely Zeff would tell unless Sanji wished for it. The Baratie must be buzzing with confusion when the newspaper with the news of the near-wedding arrived.
    • Ironically, the Marines ended up being this. Because they planned to wipe out Kaitarou, Zoro, and Sanji privately, Sakazuki only told the Vice-Admirals, Admirals, and other Marines in the vicinity of Wano. They aren't planning to release information of a public execution so that the news of Sanji's condition wouldn't break the world and ruin their credibility.
  • Secret Secret-Keeper: Robin. Due to her abilities, she was able to overhear Sanji's dilemma and would help him. She is also the Secret Keeper for Sanji's clandestine night with Zoro.
  • Shed the Family Name: Sanji had already done this in canon and this fic. It didn't help his updated bounty featured the Vinsmoke name as it did in canon. When he married Zoro, he took his husband's last name. Their children already have the surname Roronoa.
  • Shipper on Deck: The entire Strawhat crew for Zoro and Sanji. They went as far as building them their own quarters with nursery and Kaitarou's personal cabin.
  • Ship Tease: Law and Luffy get teased pretty often to the point even Zoro noticed.
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog: Averted in Sanji's case. Sanji already knew he had to return to the Strawhats at some point with Kaitarou by his side. His crew in the know insisted on calling it a vacation. Sanji precisely left the crew so he could deliver and raise his child away from the war. Unfortunately for him, the Vinsmokes and Big Mom's crew are after him as well as many black marketers and slave traders. He did not want to bring Kaitarou onto a pirate ship, especially with a crew at war with an Emperor. He got pregnant a second time by the time the crew returned to Wano and its island's surroundings.
    • Played so straight for Dan. He went to great lengths to have Sanji in his grasp but was killed by Perospero because Perospero was actually teaming up with the Vinsmokes.
  • Side Bet: In the epilogue, Nami and Robin bets if Zoro knows about the pregnancy. Nami won because Zoro didn't have a clue.
  • Significant Birth Date: Kaitarou's birthday is a twofer. July 7: the mid-birthday of Zoro and Sanji's birthdays, commonly celebrated in the Japanese Zoro/Sanji fandom; It's also the day of the Tanabata, symbolizing Zoro and Sanji's love.
  • Situational Sexuality: Sanji made it a point that Zoro is the love of his life and would still compliment women, even when he's clearly married to Zoro.
  • A Slave to the Index:
    • Auction of Evil: Sanji was sold in one in Barteru Island until he was rescued.
    • Sex Slave/Breeding Slave: A fate that befell men who have the capability to bear children. Either this or death. Sanji was almost one until Zoro and Law rescued him; it was lucky he didn't have any explosives on him then.
    • Shirtless Captives: Subverted. Sanji's shirt was ripped by the slave vendor to reveal his neediness, to say the least.
    • Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil/Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: The former already exists in OP and the latter is implied to exist with the beautiful women and all. With the additions of men capable of bearing children, let's just say the this will happen to them and almost did to Sanji. The reason as implied was due to their rarity.
  • Slut-Shaming: Sanji and the men who could carry children are called 'whores' and 'bitches', even when it's clear Sanji and Vallo did not have sex since the conception of their child. It was enough for Sanji and Vallo to stay hidden and break Sanji down in tears because they knew they would have no consent yet would be the Lust Object. All because they are the Mr. Seahorse of the human side of things.
  • Spice Rack Panacea: Amagenon, a special herb. According to doctors, it's a wonder drug for depression, pain, and anxiety.
    • Side-Effects Include... a weakening to the body, eventual death, and if you are pregnant and the child is male, mutations of the child's hormones and reproductive system. It leaves a male child with a female reproductive system that not even they are aware of (Chopper called the system recessive but at that point, he barely has a clue due to the destroyed knowledge by the WG), where Vallo and Sanji reacted in incredulity when they learned about their pregnancies.
  • Together in Death: Vallo and his lover
  • Trauma Conga Line:
    • Sanji suffered in order: seeming rejection from Zoro (multiple times but Zoro did realize his mistakes and reaffirm his love), his son's life in constant danger, sold in a slave auction, almost raped and killed by a Noble, Zoro seemingly cheating on him months before their reunion (though that was resolved when the pair learned the truth), blackmailed into marrying a man (taking advantage of his condition), Katakuri flat-out told him Sanji would carry their child thereby raping him in their marriage bed, Germa 66 and the Big Mom Pirates treating him like dirt (the latter of which would not mind killing him just for the sake of their Aloof Big Brother), and witnessing his son bleeding in his arms.
    • Kaitarou. Just look at Harmful to Minors.
    • Sora, Vallo, and Ranport. First, they were separated for years while Vallo raised his daughter alone, grieving his lover and father's deaths. Ranport wished to see his son and granddaughter again but he feared the worst. He was kidnapped by Dan's men on purpose so that Rina would break apart Sanji and Zoro. Then Sora was nearly killed by Rina on Dan's orders but was thankfully rescued on Perospero's orders. They finally reunited for a few days before Vallo was killed by Perospero. Sora and Ranport grieved the death of their beloved father and son.
  • Traveling at the Speed of Plot: At the beginning of the fic, the Sunny took months to see the island the Polar Tang was located. Notably, when Zoro and Usopp arrived in Barteru, the rest of the crew was approximately a week or so journey away because there is a two-day trip back and forth the sister islands. The Polar Tang was remarked to travel fast which meant the submarine was used frequently. Upon reaching Wano and the islands surrounding it, Nami took two months albeit with a shortcut.

  • Unluckily Lucky: Through the usual dumb luck of the Strawhats, Sanji and Chopper met Ranport who had a son, Vallo, with the same condition as Sanji years ago. Just barely an hour later, they rescued his granddaughter, Sora. Sora, as part of a thank you, led him to safety whom he stayed with for four years. Henceforth, Sora, Vallo, and Ranport were reunited.
  • Viking Funeral: The Strawhats gave one to Vallo.
  • Wedding-Enhanced Fertility: Because Zoro and Sanji are competitive about everything they do, they have a surprise waiting for each other by the end of the first book. When Zoro proposed, Sanji revealed his second pregnancy. Justified because the pair already decided to get married and have a second child.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Many would harm and try to kill Kaitarou on many occasions. Judge even threatened to harm his own biological grandchild.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Seemingly Zoro with Rina. To be fair on Zoro, he had no idea that Sanji waits for him, loves him, and has a son. In his mind, Zoro and Sanji shared a confusing kiss and did not make any romantic promise besides returning to the ship one day. He did not know anything. Zoro didn't have anything to lose, especially sleeping with other women. Rina was ordered by Dan to sleep with him and when he learned she's already pregnant by the time she slept with him, he ordered her to fake the paternity to break apart Zoro and Sanji. Rina revealed the truth anyways when the Strawhats keep treating her with kindness.

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