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Fanfic / Nymphadora Tonks Goes to Hell

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Featuring emo rock star Andrew Jackson, an impregnated dictator, a singing barber, Maximilien Robespierre as the Sassy Gay Friend, spontaneous musical numbers, the North Korean Quidditch team, the saga of Anti-Christ Bob, and general insanity!

"There is only one word I can think of to describe my feelings on this brilliance, one word that encompasses this utter epicness with hints of Stalin/Sadam bondage, Krum's sexy Bulgarian voice saying 'Bobopedic mattress', narcoleptic murderers, Napoleon as one of the four Antichrists, Korean racism that I have this nagging feeling I *shouldn't* be laughing at (XD), and gorgeously kind references in the A/N...
Splorg." reviewer zchocolatebunniesrulezworld, on Nymphadora Tonks Goes to Hell

Nymphadora Tonks Goes To Hell is a Harry Potter Crack Fic by Fan Fiction Dot Net user The Impossible Slashtronaut.

In this fanfiction, Nymphadora Tonks winds up in Hell, meets various mass murderers, madmen, and serial killers from throughout history, and falls in love with the seventh President of the United States of America.


Nymphadora Tonks Goes To Hell provides examples of:

"Wow, what a bunch of fucking emos," muttered Satan.

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