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This fic is most likely dead, now, but it's still an amazing read.

There are several deconstructive elements, especially within Team 7 itself. Naruto is really happy to finally have friends, but at the same time is worried on for both of his secrets will push them away, and Kakashi doesn't think to have the kids talk about problems like that, leading to serious Poor Communication Kills. Sakura is from a civilian family (common fanon), however that means her parents don't really get her new lifestyle and thus they grow apart. Also Kakashi manages to train the hell out of his kids while still making it look like he's doing nothing, but that means the other sensei accuse him of doing nothing to train his team and order an investigation into his teaching.


However, Kurenai and Asuma are at least given reasons for acting the way they do: from both their points of view, Kakashi is doing nothing to train his students or help them through tough times. And it's noted that someone (Danzou) had been running a rumor-mill smear-campaign against Kakashi for years so the guy never gets nominated as Hokage, thus really ruining his reputation with younger jonin. The effects of this are long-reaching and not dealt with at once, either, so well-done there.

No one is particularly overpowered. While Naruto's sealwork is awesome, a lot of the bigger stuff is not combat oriented, forcing him to do other things. Probably the best moment was how they finish the Forest of Death in minutes, but I won't spoil that here. Sasuke's also closer to his team, but then they all bonded over Kakashi not teaching them at first.


Naruto: Myoushuu no Fuuin can be found here

Naruto: Myoushuu no Fuuin provides examples of:

  • Bag of Holding: Storage seals. Quite the Mundane Utility.
  • Berserk Button: By the end, if you attack any member of Team 7 (including Kakashi), the other three will destroy you.
  • Design-It-Yourself Equipment: Seals, thanks to Naruto.
  • Poor Communication Kills: After Naruto reveals he grew up in the red light district, Sasuke takes to following him around and staring at him. Naruto assumes this is because Sasuke doesn't trust him, when what Sasuke is trying to do is show Naruto that he's there for him and Naruto can tell him the other big secret he knows Naruto is keeping. It doesn't help that Sasuke actually is slightly angry at Naruto (solely for not telling them, not the secret itself) and tries to hide it, but can't completely. Things devolve when Kakashi, distracted by the intricacies necessary to keep the Wave mission under control, appoints Naruto to study under Jiraiya with an explanation that Nauto interprets to mean he's been kicked off Kakashi's team.
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  • Tranquil Fury: Sarutobi notes that elite Jonin have two emotions that prompt absolutely no visible reaction: indifference and absolute rage.

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