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Fan Fic / Naruto Arashi Gaiden

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Naruto: Arashi Gaiden is a fanfic written by Shonen King 69. It takes place Sixty years after the Fourth Shinobi War and follows the story of Arashi, the adoptive training obsessive grandson of Hyuga Neji.

Arashi's main motivation for being a shinobi is to protect Konohagakure for the Hyuga Clan that took him in and to protect his childhood crush.

Despite Arashi's good intention's, he suffers from major character flaws. He has a massive inferiority complex, that streams from being dead last in his class that becomes half of his motivation for training and he is extremely bipolar.


Arashi's struggles are made worse by the fact that he is targeted by Rouya, the leader known as Father of an organization with unknown goals.

This is currently ongoing and might have a few One Shot Specials.

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