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Fanfic / My Unexpected Gift

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My Unexpected Gift is a My Little Pony Fanfic that revolves around Rainbow Dash's surprise pregnancy after a drunken fling and everypony else around her.

My Unexpected Gift contains examples of:

  • Surprise Pregnancy: Pretty self explanatory
  • Big Brother Instinct: Soarin' to his half-sister, Rainbow
  • Mama Bear: Spitfire to her niece, Scootaloo
  • Flashback Echo: Happens to Bisque Dash on the way to the hospital, the event being recalled being her late husband's death
    • The same event was recalled by Soarin', but in his POV
    • Similarly, Rainbow Dash recalls the aftermath of a bullying incident
      • Surprisingly, it is written in Bisque's POV
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  • {{Flashback... Back... Back... }}: When Bisque is comforting Rainbow Dash, the flashback being her husband's funeral
  • Third-Person Flashback: Practically every flashback in the story, which reaches to a count of eleven in eighteen chapters

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