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One of the many, many fics originating from Space, My Enemy, My Friend (written by K 9 Thefirst 1) is basically a more coherent take on the same idea as the Round Robin NGE: A Little Angel On My Shoulder, i.e., after getting killed, the angels end up as tiny versions of themselves who follow around the pilots who killed them. Unlike its crackier sibling however, it has both a coherent plot and excellent characterization, although some of the latter isn't exactly what you'd expect. Notable for being one of the very few works that manage to make the angels sympathetic, mainly by showing things from their perspective. Although still early days (only one angel has actually been dispatched), all the signs are good.As of April 29th, 2020,has not been updated in nearly nine full years.


Tropes present include:

  • A Boy And His Plushie-Sized Ghost Angel
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: The angels aren't really bad so much as following a completely different set of rules.
  • Brain Bleach: Sachiel watches a pay-per-view porno on Misato's TV. One of the later scenes involves a squid. Shinji barely has time to run to the bathroom before losing his lunch. Later the image is "still seared into his retinas."
  • Creepy Child: Kaworu Nagisa. He has trouble walking as a baby, yet develops much faster mentally and physically than other children. He obsessively listens to Ode to Joy after his nanny plays it on the flute for him, barely has any facial expressions, and his first words? The names of Adam's progeny, the Angels.
  • Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You: Gendo has absolutely zero confidence on his parental skills and he is completely convinced if he would have raised Shinji, his son would be way more screwed than he already is.
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  • Defeat Means Friendship: Sachiel more or less actually states outright that his main reason for wanting to hang around Shinji is that Shinji managed to kill him. Apparently he's impressed.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Adam's DNA and Keel Lorenz's DNA were spliced together to produce Kaworu Nagisa as part of Project Tabris.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: Although they yet have to meet in the fic, Word of God states this is a Shinji/Asuka history.
  • Humans Are Cthulhu: Ironic as it may be.
  • Humans Through Alien Eyes: Well, angelic eyes anyway.
  • Lemony Narrator: K9 constantly comments on the story and snarks at the characters, especially Shinji.
  • Not-So-Imaginary Friend
  • Shout-Out: A few.
  • Stealth Pun: At one point, Sachiel comments that Eva-01 is "Sex on Legs." In canon, Eva-01 was made from Lilith's legs.
  • Tsundere: Asuka, as usual.
  • Your Mom: After Sachiel defeats the initial JSSDF assault, it declares to the retreating humans that it's going to go "plow your Mom." (That is, Lilith)

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