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My Disneyland Adventure Saga is a Disney fanfic written by Starswim. The fanfic series is based off of many Disney classics and modern movies. This features your favorite songs, heroes, villains, and it has twists and turns. Join Kelsey, Kailey, Jacob, and the Disney gang as they are on the quest to defeat the darkness in Disneyland.

My Disneyland Adventure I

Kelsey is home alone with her little sister, Kailey to babysit while their parents are away. The girls are planning to watch the Disney classics, until they found a spell that changed their lives forever. When Kelsey read the spell, she and her sister fell into a hole, and into the World of Disney (aka Disneyland). So now Kelsey has to find Kailey, get them home with the help of their new friends: Aladdin, Jiminy Cricket, Jack Sparrow, Jim Hawkins, and much more. Will they ever find the way home, or be stuck there for all eternity? Will they twists the story around to help the good or the bad? One way to find out...


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My Disneyland Adventure II

It has been a year since Kelsey and Kailey discovered Disneyland. When they are gone, all the Disney stories had twists and turns. Trouble is now coming to the Disneyland kingdom and our world... A king disappears without a trace, villains are coming together to take over. They call themselves The Overtakers. They have an accomplice who stole Yensid's spell, and is planning on using it to take over. But then they discover that only one person can stand in their way for victory, and that is The One from the Real World, Kelsey! So with the book, they plan on using it to go to Kelsey's world, and take care of her before she takes care of them. But instead they found Kailey, so they took her instead. If you think that's bad, Kelsey's best friend, Jacob was babysitting her that day, and discovered the girls' secret! Can Kelsey rescue Kailey from the Overtakers, and find Jacob? Will she and her friends find the king, and stopped the Overtakers from taking over.


My Disneyland Adventure III

Concept. Depends on the success of My Disneyland Adventure II


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