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Fan Fic / More Than Meets the Eye

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Ultimate Marvel/Transformers crossover by The Writer With No Name, composed of two fics.

Optimal Advice comes just a bit of a while after the clone incident and Peter Parker's breakup with Kitty Pryde. Peter is feeling very down. With his emotions and faith at an all time low, Peter wanders around and suddenly finds himself at his favorite childhood place: A memorial dedicated to the Autobots, who fought the Decepticons alongside humanity in the battle of New York 16 years ago. With nothing to lose, Peter smiles and does what he used to do as a kid: have a little mental chat with bronze Optimus Prime to ask for, well, some optimal advice.


Of course, the world being as it is, his chat isn't EXACTLY as private as he thought it would be...

More Than Meets The Eye comes a few months later. As Peter gets ready to buy his first car, mysterious meteors begin to crash onto earth, causing unrest for everyone involved, while Peter himself hears rumors of "ghost cars". Trust his Parker luck to dictate that he buys a particular 1975 Camaro that constantly disappears without a trace and humiliates his every day bullies.

The fact that every car window at Bobby Bolivia's shattered except this one's probably should've clued him in.

It also combines elements from Transformers: Generation 1 and Transformers Film Series.


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