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Fanfic / Mononofu

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Mononofu is a one shot Touken Ranbu/Onmyōji crossover fanfic written by Ki_no_Shirayuki as part of the Memories of Heian crossover fic series, preceded by Tsuki ya aranu and followed by The First Saniwa. It is crossposted together with The First Saniwa on Wattpad as a "bonus" chapter after the epilogue.

During a mission to protect the Heian period from the Historical Revisionists, Izuminokami and Horikawa are lost and meet various yōkai on the way. The story is split into 4 connected segments, each dealing with one of the duo's encounters with one member of the Onmyōji cast.

Not related to the manga of the same name.

Why sending these tropes to the Heian period is a horrible idea: