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"Sir, please let Unit-01 take the shot! He's getting into position. All I'm asking is for you to show some faith in your son!"
Alone in the command deck, with the exception of Kozo, Gendo smiled openly. It was a grim smile, one of cold mirth as he laughed at the world. "But Captain, Faith is all I have in him."
-The point where you know things are Off the Rails

In the grim post-Second Impact world, Gendo Ikari is out to do some good in the only way that he can; by being the most magnificent, manipulative bastard that he can be. Meanwhile, Rei is out to help us all; by doing SCIENCE!


A more serious take than usual on the world of Evangelion, it actually starts off from Gendo's point of view and gives a look into the inner workings of a man in charge of safeguarding humanity. The author makes several small changes to the world, ultimately leaving none of the cast the same as their Canon counterpart; with Shinji more aggressive, Asuka more interested in the workings of the Evas, and Rei... being Rei. Most of the alterations to the characters are initially minor, but they have far-reaching consequences for everyone involved.

Obvious early influences include Terry Pratchett and Nobody Dies, although the author quickly developed a distinct writing style, featuring a blend of good pacing and a mix of exposition, character interaction and action-oriented scenes. Praised for its character development, particularly the slow building of Shinji & Rei's romantic relationship, each character is distinctly different from canon while avoiding Out of Character. A fair amount of world building has been done, fleshing out the Section-2 organization as well as developing the different NERV installations around the world. While the story fell victim to Rouge Angles of Satin early on, this became less of an issue as the story grew. There are some minor inconsistencies in terminology and character interactions, as well as a few abrupt time shifts between scenes, but these issues do not overly detract from the quality of the story.


It updates infrequently, but the latter chapters tend to be on the longer side, ranging from 15-20k words, not including any author's notes at the end. It can be found here.

Tropes used in Matters of Faith
  • Adaptational Badass: It is clear that Shinji from the original Evangelion is not here. Shinji takes his place.
    • The change from Canon!Shinji to Matters!Shinji is slow and thought out, barring a few dramatic upswings making for some interesting character development.
  • Body Horror: Sympathetic injuries as a result of damage to the Evas at higher synch rates can cause permanent damage to the pilots.
    • During the fight with the Sixth Angel, Shinji permanently lost a leg. Later, in the fight with the Fourteenth Angel, he lost an arm and the lower half of his body before sublimating into the LCL.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: According to Word of God, Science!Rei was never planned to turn out the way she did, and just developed naturally as they wrote. Rei quickly pushed Gendo to the shadows, taking a larger role in the story.
  • For Science!: Rei, and to a lesser extent, Asuka. Rei as a means of connecting with Gendo and Shinji, Asuka as a means of defeating the Angels and earning prestige.
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  • Gratuitous German: The scene breaks are Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier! or Vier, Drei, Zwei, Eins!
  • Out of Focus: The fic was originally supposed to center around Gendo, but he quickly became overshadowed by the pilots.
  • Shout-Out: Several, including Nobody Dies, H. P. Lovecraft, Thomas Dolby, and Portal.
  • Yandere: Rei is quite clearly violent when it comes to Shinji. Just ask Tabris.

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