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Rainbow Dash wants to start dating, but has never been on a single date in her life. This drives her to go speak to Applejack, her most level-headed and closest friend, asking her for a little dating advice. Applejack admits to not knowing very much, but behaves rather strangely when Rainbow Dash asks out her brother. Thus begins a long series of misadventures as Rainbow Dash asks increasingly random stallions out on dates, only to realize, after having a very embarassing talk with Twilight, that she actually likes mares... Can be found here.


Contains examples of:

  • Bad Date: Pretty much all of them, save the one with Big Mac, who just isn't interested, but at least they both have a good time.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Possibly Applejack towards Big Mac, and definitely Celestia towards Luna.
  • Blind Date: Twilight tries to set one up with Luna.
  • Brick Joke: During Rainbow Dash's first conversation with Twilight Sparkle, Twilight mentions she has a couple of gay friends back in Canterlot. Later on, Rainbow Dash asks Twilight to set her up on a blind date with one of them. Had Rainbow Dash been paying attention, though, she would know that Twilight HAD no friends before she came to Ponyville. Well, no NORMAL friends. Only Shining Armor, his bride Princess Cadance... and Princess Celestia, with Princess Luna moving to Canterlot after the start of the series. Rainbow Dash does not realize this until she is in the royal palace talking to Celestia.
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  • Continuity Nod: Twilight's gay friends in Canterlot are Luna and Celestia.
  • Death Glare: Both Fluttershy and Celestia give one to Rainbow Dash at various points in the story.
  • Everyone Can See It: Applejack's feelings towards Rainbow Dash. Except for, of course, Rainbow Dash.
  • Everybody Knew Already: Rainbow Dash is gay. Rainbow Dash treats it as a big secret once she realizes she is gay, until Pinkie Pie cheerfully informs her that everyone already knew. She still isn't comfortable with the idea.
  • Gilligan Cut: When Twilight Sparkle sets Rainbow Dash up on a blind date with her gay friend back in Canterlot, it turns out it was Princess Luna. The cut is from Twilight expressing doubt at the idea, to Celestia threatening to banish Rainbow Dash to the moon if she breaks Luna's heart.
  • Not a Date: Rainbow Dash's thank-you dinner for Applejack.
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  • Not What It Looks Like: When Rainbow Dash confesses that she is gay to Fluttershy, Fluttershy thinks she is being asked out. When Rainbow Dash tries to make dinner for Applejack to thank her for her dating advice, the entire Apple family thinks it is a date, resulting in everyone else clearing out of the house until the next day and Applejack getting upset when Rainbow Dash tells her it is just a thank you dinner.
  • Oblivious to Love: Rainbow Dash completely misses the fact that Applejack has a crush on her, and dates pretty much everyone else, when the first person she spoke to already liked her. Doubly bad when later on Rainbow Dash, after realizing she is gay, makes Applejack a nice dinner and asks Big Mac to keep Applebloom out of her hair... and Big Mac says he'll be gone until dawn, which confuses Rainbow Dash, who thinks she's only making dinner for Applejack. Applejack also comes to the conclusion that it is a date, and gets angry when Rainbow Dash insists that it is just dinner and asks Rainbow Dash to leave, leading Rainbow Dash to believe that Applejack hates her for being gay.
  • Transparent Closet: Rainbow Dash. People are actually confused when she starts going out with stallions. Turns out they were right after all.

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