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Magical Hero Academia is a My Hero Academia fanfic written by hetawriter. It is a Fusion Fic combining an element from Prétear

"Freak! Villain! Demon!

Midoriya Izuku has been called many things in his life time, but he still knows what he wants to be. A hero.

But that job involves a lot of touching people and team work, something Izuku can't do. But with the right encouragement and determination, anything is possible.


Or- that one where Midoriya wears a lot of skirts and tiaras."

This story has examples of the next tropes:

  • Abomination Accusation Attack: Midoriya was a frequent victim of this in middle school, mostly from Bakugou, thanks to his Quirk. It mostly stops once he reaches U.A., or at least, his classmates are smart enough not to say it out loud.
  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade: Midoriya already had a lot to deal with in canon. Now that he has a Quirk like Preeting, he only gets more angst piled on him, as people see him as a monster for what his Quirk does.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: Midoriya, Shinsou, and Hagakure are best friends in this story, when in canon, Midoriya's just friends with them, and the latter two never meet.
  • All the Other Reindeer: Midoriya was isolated during middle school thanks to his Quirk, though Bakugou spreading lies and slander about it can't have helped.
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  • The Bad Guys Win: For a given definition of bad guy; Midoriya and Iida are placed as the villains for the Battle Trial, and thanks to Midoriya's preeting, they defeat Uraraka and Bakugou.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: What people think of Midoriya, as his power is automatic and, to the naked eye, looks like Midoriya's erasing someone from existence to gain power. The truth is a bit more complicated than that, though...
  • Cessation of Existence: What people believe happens when Midoriya "preets" with someone until the fusion is undone. This is only partially true: While the person Midoriya preets with physically ceases to exist, they continue to exist as a voice in his head that can talk to him.
  • Commonality Connection: Midoriya and Todoroki form a connection after the latter comes to help him while he's breaking down, opening to him about how, just like Midoriya, he fears his Quirk's full power.
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  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: It's not forbidden, per say, but Preeting is so easy to activate that Midoriya takes a lot of precaution not to end up preeting with anybody. This only worsens after he gains One For All, since using it while preeted injures both him and whoever he's preeted with at the moment besides All Might.
  • Magical Girl A.U.: In a very loose sense of the word. Rather than everybody being a magical girl, Midoriya can "preet" with people to become something like a magical girl, amplifying their powers in the process.
  • Faux Horrific: The reason Iida doesn't want to preet with Midoriya during the Battle Trial is not that he's been swayed by Bakugou's words, though that does play a part, but because he fears that the resulting preet would have heels. Which, considering his Quirk lies on his legs and heels would mess with the mobility, not to mention every other preet beforehand, is a genuine concern.
  • Fusion Dance: Like the story's inspiration, Midoriya can use a mix between Composite and Power Booster, or "preet" in this case, with people to become a magical girl with different powers. So far, there's only two plot-important preets; Lady Might, Midoriya's preet with All Might, and an unnamed preet with Shigaraki, which reveals the horrifying consequences of a Merging Mistake.
  • Hates Being Touched: Midoriya, which is fairly reasonable considering how his Quirk works. This only gets worse after preeting with Shigaraki.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Outside of Midoriya's Mom, Midoriya and All Might are the only ones who know the true identity of Lady Might. Shinsou eventually discovers it as well, for better or worse.
  • Merging Mistake: Typically, whenever Izuku preets, he's the one who remains in control for the most part, with whoever he preeted with serving as a voice in his head. Shigaraki is the first person he preets with who takes over as the one in control, leaving Izuku to be stuck as the voice.
  • Morphic Resonance: Regardless of who Izuku preets with, he gains an outfit resembling them and their powers, magnified to an extent.
  • Next Tier Power-Up: Whoever Midoriya preets with gains a boost in their Quirk that Midoriya can use: Iida's preet could break the sound barrier, Shinsou's preet can mind control without a trigger, Uraraka's Gravity Manipulation grows even stronger, and so on. It's unknown what happens with Bakugou's and Shigaraki's Quirks, but considering their destructive powers, that's for the better.
  • No Name Given: Most preets don't have individual names, as they're simply Midoriya gaining a new outfit and magnified powers from the one he preeted with. The only aversion is Lady Might, and even then neither Midoriya nor All Might named her; whoever made the website about her did.
  • Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure: After discovering Lady Might is actually Izuku preeted with All Might, Shinsou grows angry at Izuku and essentially breaks off their friendship, further breaking the poor boy.
  • The Power of Trust: Midoriya prefers to have a person's trust before he decides to preet with them, as doing it without trust will make it harder for Midoriya to maintain the fusion. This is demonstrated with Bakugou and the Sludge Villain for the unwilling part, and Uraraka and Iida for the willing part.
  • Required Secondary Powers: Midoriya can only preet with someone once, so once he has preeted with someone, further skin contact doesn't result in another preeting taking hold. Midoriya and Hagakure take advantage of this little bit to go past the millions of people outside the sports festival stadium.
  • The Stations of the Canon: The story goes through the same beats as in canon: The Entrance Exam, the Battle Trial, the USJ arc, and so on. What happens during the arcs is different, but that's about it.
  • Trauma Conga Line: The USJ arc and its aftermath are not kind to Midoriya: First he ends up hurting Tsuyu when they preet and he uses One For All combined with Preeting, then, Shigaraki ends up preeting with him, with Midoriya unable to do anything as he threatens to kill his classmates and All Might. He gets unconscious once separated, but All Might, in a moment of desperation, preets with him to fight back the Nomu, which Shinsou sees. Then, to further rub salt in the wound, not only does Midoriya goes on a rant thanks to the stress of the situation, but Shinsou ends his friendship with Midoriya, breaking him down even further. It's a miracle that Todoroki manages to help Midoriya through the trauma, and even then, the scars are still there.
  • Traumatic Superpower Awakening: Midoriya discovered his Quirk when he blocked a punch from Bakugou defending a kid, and the resulting skin contact caused them to preet. Needless to say, things went downhill from there.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Two examples:
    • As in canon, Bakugou and Midoriya used to be friends until the sandbox incident. However, Midoriya awakened his Quirk and preeted with Bakugou, causing him to grow fearful of him and cut all ties with him afterwards.
    • Shinsou is among the first few people Midoriya befriends after entering U.A., the other being Hagakure. However, after discovering the truth about Lady Might, he too cuts ties with Midoriya, but not before breaking him further with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.

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