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Lyricwritesprose is a Doctor Who fanfiction author whose works can be found here and here.

Tropes found in works by Lyricwritesprose include:

  • Accusation Fic: "Boxing Day", in which the Tenth Doctor's rather fatalistic description of regeneration in The End of Time results in Wilfred Mott thinking the Eleventh Doctor is some sort of Body Snatcher.
  • Backstory: "Lies Told To Children" is one for the Doctornote , "Falling in Flames" is one for the Master, and "A Still More Terrible Night Awaits Us" fictionalizes one for H. P. Lovecraft.
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  • Fantastic Racism: Time Lords, against all other sentient beings, according to "Lies Told To Children". Specifically, they cast their own society as one of wizards, having built walls to keep out ogres and trolls and such.
  • Perspective Flip: Roughly half of "Lies Told To Children" is An Unearthly Child from the Doctor's perspective.
  • Repressed Memories: In "See Ye Not That Bonny Road", Jamie McCrimmon has them after getting his memory erased by the Time Lords in The War Games—dreaming about his travels with the Doctor, retaining the moral lessons he learned from said travels, and trusting the Eighth Doctor without question despite the differences in appearance. The Doctor explains this as being a result of said Time Lords overlooking the bits of his brains that function on neither words nor logic.
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  • Layman's Terms: From "See Ye Not That Bonny Road":
    "It's all right," Jamie confided to Kirstie. "You just have to say 'what?' until the answer comes out in plain English. You'll catch on."
    "That was plain English!" the Doctor said plaintively, and Jamie smiled.

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