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Fanfic / Little Witch Academia: Oblivinations

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Oblivinations is a Little Witch Academia (2017) fanfiction by SilverSupa.

On one seemingly eventual day, after Akko gets in trouble once again, she is sent to clean some magic mirrors as part of detention. However, shortly after and for the next few nights, Akko starts to constantly receive twisted and incredibly vivid nightmares about her past adventures, which quickly starts to deteriorate the girl's mental and physical state. It is up to Akko and her friends to find the cause to these strange twisted nightmares and stop them once and for all.


The fanfiction is complete and is available on both Fanfiction.Net and Archive of our Own.

The fanfic contains the following examples:

  • Ability Mixing: In the penultimate chapter, Akko decides to mix her and Diana's magic together, creating an upgraded Shiny Rod in the process.
  • The Atoner: Although Hannah does sometimes yearn for the old days due to the simplicity of it, she does admit early on that she regrets her past Jerkass behavior and wants to divorce herself from that person, even if she struggles far more with it compared to Diana and Barbara.
  • Battle in the Center of the Mind: Throughout the entire fanfic, Akko is constantly plagued by a "spirit" (actually a parasite) within her mind and much of the fanfic centers around Akko trying to fight it off within her dreams.
  • Breather Episode:
    • The dream recreation of Bee Affection in chapter 7 is far less dark and twisted compared to the other dreams chapters and nothing goes wrong in it, something Akko lampshades in relief.
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    • A few chapters occassionally shift the focus away from Akko and her condition to focus on Hannah and Amanda's developing relationship, often providing a bit of levity and breathing room between the intense Akko-centric chapters.
  • Cassandra Truth: Shortly after the nightmares begin to take a drain on her, Akko is convinced that a spirit is in her head, which her friends initially didn't believe, thinking that she's just sick. Turns out, Akko is right that something is in her head, but it's not a spirit, but a parasite that is feeding on her mind.
  • Continuation: The fanfic takes place shortly after the events of the TV series.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Inverted. Diana, who has become kinder thanks to the events of the series, ends up temporarily slipping back into her cold and harsh pre-episode 20 personality over time, especially after Akko knocks herself out. It doesn't last.
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  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: Akko is shown to dislike being pitied by others due to not wanting them to worry and in chapter 12, ends up cleaning her disheveled appearances and cutting her hair short as a way to distract others from focusing on her struggles. It does work, at least, temporarily.
  • Hidden Depths: The fanfic expands heavily on Akko's self esteem issues compared to the series, heavily implying through her nightmares that Akko sees herself as The Load and a burden on the others due to her lack of magic, despite it not being true. This is the reason why Akko intially didn't tell anyone, as well as the reason why she knocked herself out with a sleeping spell, because she doesn't want to burden the others (especially Diana) to risk potentially losing their magic for her.
  • Hope Spot: At one point in chapter 4, during one of her nightmare sequences, Akko comes incredibly close to summoning the Shiny Rod, to where it began to solidify, right until Nightmare!Daryl snuffs it out, preventing Akko from using it.
  • Important Haircut: Akko ends up cutting her hair short in chapter 12, largely as a way to shift the attention away from the "spirit" and to avoid being pitied upon.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • A dark one. Diana's twisted characterization in Akko's nightmares is her original Alpha Bitch characterization from the short films and Teri Terio's manga.
    • Many of the chapter titles are darker takes on the episode titles from the TV series.
  • Nightmare Sequence: The main catalyst for the story comes from Akko consistently having twisted and extremely vivid nightmarish recreations of her past adventures.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business:
    • Akko quickly starts to realize something is deeply wrong when her friends in her dreams begin to act consistently and uncharacteristically hostile and antagonistic towards her.
    • Akko's friends begin to realize something is wrong with Akko when she stops becoming her Genki Girl self and gradually becomes more timid and quiet.
  • Parasites Are Evil: The cause of Akko's dreams is revealed to be a malevolent parasite that's actively feeding on her magic.
  • Parasitic Horror: The reason behind Akko's unusually vivid nightmares is due to a parasite that got into Akko's head while she was cleaning the magic mirrors and is feeding on her magic.
  • This Is Something She's Got to Do Herself: Akko gains this mentality when she realized that Diana going in to stop the parasite could potentially lose her magic, leading her to recklessly knock herself out by a sleeping to face the Parasite herself. Unsurprisingly, this angers the others and she gets called out by Diana for this.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Akko quickly gets called out by Diana when she ends up locking herself away from the others and knocks herself out with a sleeping spell in order to face the parasite herself, despite not being able to.