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Lisa Fitzgerald was an Alternate Universe fanfic for The Simpsons written by Jenny Howe, where Lisa isn't Marge and Homer's daughter.

Poor Lisa's life is hell itself. Her mother left her when she was eight years old, and her father Jack started abusing her: throwing out all of her clothes and possessions and burning them, forcing her to live in a cupboard under the stairs, making her to eat dog food, and brainwashing her into believing that nobody cared about her. Eventually, on her eleventh birthday, Lisa loses the will to live, and tries to commit suicide, but is found by a neighbor and taken to the hospital, then to a new home with the Simpsons. But Jack isn't going to forgive her for putting him in jail...


It was available on the Simpsons Realities fan archive prior to the site's deletion, but a mirror can be found here courtesy of the Wayback Machine.



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