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Light in the Darkness & The One

A Frozen (2013) Elsanna High School A.U. created by Tania Hylian.

Here we have Elsa and Anna, two unrelated girls attending the same highschool together.

Anna has been locked up in her house by her overprotective parents since she was kidnapped and held for ransom when she was five. She's finally allowed to attend highschool and finally interact with people her own age. However, her isolated upbringing has left her very naive, emotionally immature, and with a very unrealistic view of how the real world works. Because she only knows about romance and highschool from novels and movies, she automatically believes that if she can just get a handsome boyfriend he will be her true love (she doesnt even know that she's gay) and make friends with the most popular people in school then her life will be perfect. Unfortunately, the most handsome boy in school is Hans, a sociopathic heartless Bully, and the most popular girls in school are all Alpha-Bitch versions of Disney princesses Snow White, Aurora, Ariel and Cinderella. All of whom enjoy bullying and harassing the "ice queen" Elsa Frost and convince Anna to partake as well. And since Anna's so desperate for acceptance and naive about how life works, she goes along with it. Despite feeling an unexplained attraction to Elsa.


Elsa Frost, originally from Norway, is the daughter of the cold and unloving millionaire Agnar Frost, who taught her to conceal her emotions believing them to be weakness. And would frequently abuse her emotionally and physically if she didnt, especially after the accidental death of her beloved brother. This caused her to conceal her emotions and give off a feeling to others that she's an ice queen that lacks empathy. Resulting in her being hated and bullies by nearly everyone who meets her. After coming out as gay to her father, as punishment, he sends her to live an impoverished life in America under the care of his friend Kai and his wife Gerda. Only to recieve the barest minimum of money to buy food and clothes if she gets perfect grades. There she is bullied just like she was back in Norway, especially from Hans (because she refused to sleep with him) and the disney princesses because they blame her for them not getting 100% on an assignment (she did all the work so the teacher gave her 100% while they only got 80%, but they blame her because the teacher asked her if she was ok with it first). Despite her constant misery, she puts on a emotionless mask and excels in school. Until she meets Anna, develops a crush on her instantly, and continues to be bullied by her under Hans influence....Causing her to spiral down into an even darker misery than she ever had in her life.


This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: Agnar Frost is a cold, greedy, ruthless man who had any love and kindness crushed out of him by his own father long ago. He makes no effort to be any better of a parent to his own children. His only grievance after his son Jack dies us that he will have to start over training Elsa to be his heir instead. After that, he constantly reminds Elsa that she "killed" her brother, physically hits her for showing emotion and eventually sends her to the U.S. to live in poverty as punishment for her sexuality.
  • Adaptational Villainy:
    • Anna - All of her negative canon traits, naivety and impulsiveness, are played up to 11 while her positive canon ones, her selflessness and empathy, are missing. This causes her to be easily manipulated by Hans and his gang, molding her into an Alpha-Bitch. She gets better though.
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    • The Disney Princesses: Snow White, Ariel, Aurora and Cinderella are all Alpha-Bitches and much more shallow and heartless than their canon counterparts. Being merciless bullies to Elsa and manipulating Anna into being like them.
    • Snow White is the worst. She’s almost (if not) as horrible as Hans, despite her canon characterization being so sweet and nice that she's literally the image of the Purity Personified page.
    • Believe it or not HANS is even worse than he is in the movie. Mercilessly and cruelly making Elsa suffer in any way possible all because she didn’t want to have sex with him. He will essentially bully, and even physically injure, anyone to get what he wants. He’s even worse to Anna in several ways than in canon, breaking her arm for not wanting to be his friend with benefits anymore and even attempting to rape her.
    • Elsa’s father Agnar (just Elsa’s in this fanfic) is very protective of her in canon, but here he is portrayed as an extremely ruthless, greedy, unloving and cold man who has abused his daughter physically and emotionally her entire life. He sent her to America to live in poverty because he’s homophobic.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Believe it or not, some people who were villains in their canon material are actually good/neutral here. At least in comparison.
    • Rapunzel's adoptive mother (Gothel), rather than being an evil witch who kidnapped Rapunzel as a baby to stay young forever using her magic hair, legally adopted Rapunzel as a baby and kept her locked up in her house because she was just (or rather more) overprotective of Rapunzel as Anna’s parents were. While Rapunzel did move in with her biological family she still keeps in touch with Gothel showing that they are on good terms.
    • Snow White's step-Mother, in canon, is an evil queen who made Snow a slave and tried to kill her when her beauty surpassed her. Here they seem to have a good enough relationship as to where Snow White took after her (namely her vanity). Having said that, she still sends Snow White to live with her seven uncles as punishment after paying her bail.
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
    • Hans turns the entire school against Elsa and makes an effort to bully her physically and emotionally every day without mercy because she rejected his offer to be friends with benefits.
    • They were never nice to Elsa but…A few years ago Snow, Aurora and Ariel worked on an English project with Elsa. When they turned it in the teacher recognized that Elsa really did all the work so he decided to give Elsa 100% and them only 80% rather than fail them. The problem was that he asked Elsa first if she was ok with it. Since then they’ve bullied her worse than ever.
    • All of Anna’s reasons for bullying Elsa are minor or at least forgettable things that are blown to ridiculous measures of harassment by her own immaturity and the other influences.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: After being taught her entire life to conceal her emotions, Elsa slowly opens up thanks to Anna (once she stops bullying her).
  • Evil Is Petty: Hans' reason for bullying Elsa is because she refused to sleep with him. Snow and the others hate her because they blame her for not getting 100% on an English assignment they did together a few years ago.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Agnar Frost firmly believes that Elsa MEANT for her brother Jack to get killed so that she could be his heir to the company. Despite the fact that Elsa loved Jack with all her heart and was devastated by his death, she even ran to get him as soon as he fell into the lake. Of course given what kind of man he is he most likely believes this because he would have done the same.
  • It's All About Me:
    • Hans cares for no one and nothing but himself. To him girls are nothing but play things so that he can have sex with then discard when he's done with not caring about how it will affect them mentally or socially. And if you reject him he will cruelly bully you without mercy. He doesn't even respect the girls he calls his friends as he makes fun of them with Anna.
    • Due to her immature personality and sheltered upbringing, Anna is very stunted emotionally and has the selfishness of a small child. She grows out of this after she see's how bad this affected Elsa.
  • In Love with Love: Like in canon Anna is more in love with the idea of finding "the one" than anything. Made even worse by, due to her only perceptions about romance being from high school movies, she thinks that if she can just get the most handsome popular guy in school (which unfortunately is Hans) they will just automatically be her "one true love" and her life will be perfect and they will just automatically love each other once they become a couple. She is so desperate for love that she stays with Hans even after he reveals that he's a jerk and doesn't even realize she's bisexual until the concept is explained to her by Snow.
  • Jerkass Realization: After becoming an absolutely horrible bully for Elsa during the first semester, Anna looks back at herself during winter break and wonders how she could have been like that. After working on a project with Elsa, where she doesn’t have to act different to please her, she realizes that Snow and the others are shallow and evil who have been manipulating her the entire time and was never really their friends. Unfortunately she is too scared of losing her security and her selfishness and impulsiveness cause her to still hurt Elsa to the point where she tries to commit suicide. After realizing this and her own faults Anna really makes an effort to change.
  • Karma Houdini: Half way through the fic, Hans is arrested and sentenced to 30 years to life in prison for both attempting to rape Anna (a minor) and nearly killing Elsa, but the rest of the popular people get off fairly easy.
    • Snow manages to pay her bail to avoid going to jail, but her step-mother sends her far away to live with her uncles as punishment.
    • The rest of the popular kids testified against them and were against their plan from the start. They stay away from Anna and Elsa afterwards but none of them face significant punishment for bullying either of them.
    • Zig-Zagged with Elsa's father. After being found guilty in court Agnar Frost looses half his money to Elsa (which was rightfully hers since it actually went to her mother when she divorced her father and he kept it for himself after she died) and has to pay an additional compensation to Elsa for all the abuse he put her through. It is also said that his company wont be doing so well following the trial.
  • Kick the Dog: Everything Hans and the others do is to make Elsa as miserable as possible for their own enjoyment and petty revenge.
  • Lack of Empathy: Elsa’s father didn’t care when his son died because he loved him, only because he would have to start over training Elsa to be his successor. When Elsa does poorly in school, due to her emotional turmoil, he stops sending her money and outright tells her caretakers that if they can’t support Elsa they should throw her out into the cold. He is completely cold and believes that Love Is a Weakness. He viewed his children as nothing but heirs to inherit his company and he all but told Kai and Gerda that they should just let Elsa freeze to death if she cant pay their rent.
  • Loving a Shadow: First with Hans then with Elsa. Due to her naive view of love from having nothing but romance books and movies to learn from, Anna automatically assumes that Hans is the best boyfriend option in the whole school and "perfect to he (her) one true love" because he is popular and handsome. The kind of guy who the girls in said fiction always end-up with. She is so deluded that she tries sticking by him even after realizing he is a jerk and becomes emotionally abusive to her. Once Anna realizes her sexuality she declares herself in love with Elsa because she is smart, gorgeous, cute, kind and can be herself around her. However Anna doesn't make any effort to actually talk and get to know Elsa leaving her "love" a shallow attraction. She gets better though.
  • Morality Pet: Averted. Rapunzel calls out Anna when she becomes a bully, but she doesn’t listen to her.
  • Parental Abandonment: Agnar told Elsa that her mother abandoned her when she was a baby because she didn't love her. However in reality Elsa's mother left him when she was born so she could raise Elsa on her own knowing that he wouldn't be a good father. She ended up being killed in her new apartment shortly after and so he got Elsa back into into his custody again, as well as the money that she got from him in the divorce.
  • Psychotic Manchild: If Hans doesn’t get what he wants he will either force you to give it to him even attempting to rape Anna because he wanted to have sex with her or will bully you every day just to make you miserable.
  • Thinks Like a Romance Novel: Anna is even worse here than in canon. Due to her naive view of love from having nothing but romance books and movies to learn from, Anna automatically assumes that Hans is the best boyfriend option in the whole school and "perfect to he (her) one true love" because he is popular and handsome. The kind of guy who the girls in said fiction always end-up with.

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