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Fanfic / Legend of the Spider-Man: Reign

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Spinoff fanfic of Legend of the Spider-Man by Avatar Conner. Five years have passed since tragedy struck Spider-Man. The world has changed, and not for the better. Heroes have been exiled from Republic City, Avatar Korra as well. And while she helps plot to overturn the Reign that has befallen Republic City. Spider-Man must return, but the real question is can he? After losing so much?

Loosley adapted from Spider-Man: Reign.


This fanfiction series contains examples of:

  • Canon Discontinuity: Word of God confirms that Legend of the Spiderman: Reign is not canon with Legend of the Spider-man.
  • I Let Gwen Stacy Die: Akiko died in an apartment fire (that WASN'T on purpose) and Jason has blamed himself ever since.
  • Istanbul (Not Constantinople): Much like with "the Captain", America Chavez is renamed "Republica Chavez". Cause there is no America. Only Republic City.
  • The Reveal: Pema and Korra, after all of these years, learn that Jason and Spider-man are one in the same.


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