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What happens when you smush together several different worlds consisting of Vocaloid, The Legend Of Zelda, Metroid, Final Fantasy and a bunch of others into one unified setting? You get Legend of the Rising Star, a crossover fanfiction made by Xerizero Re 9010 taking place in the same universe as his original fiction series, Starlit Heroics.

It consists of the adventures had by the central characters (the Vocaloids) and the new companions they meet on the way. It starts off nice and comfy, focusing on their semi-peaceful lives at Shining Advent, balancing between fighting monsters and crime to making music videos, and so on. However, everything steadily becomes worse with the presence of a new enemy. They are known as the Apocalytes, a large organization of demons and other beings who have unified themselves for one purpose— the destruction of everything. Said enemy is also an old foe of the Vocaloids back when both the ruling Families of Heaven and Hell were on good terms with each other, so they're back for revenge on top of that.


However, as time goes on, it becomes evident that the Apocalytes are only one of their many worries. There's also the presence of a cat boy by the name of Augustus Octavia, who the Vocaloids and friends take in after stopping him from theft on the account that he prove his true worth to them— little did they know that they had picked up the reincarnation of the God of Death on their side, and this causes a lot of Emotional Torque among the group throughout the series for many different reasons.

... However, this would be true if the author didn't halt production when before it actually began out of disinterest for the story and the massive amount of copyrighted characters he put in without rhyme or reason.


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