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Legacy of Hope is a series of Danganronpa fanfics created by Crit Fail. The series is an AU of the canon franchise, and acts as a reboot to his previous series, Legacy of Despair.

The series will consist of six main stories and one spin-off, and is written by Crit Fail and three assistants (Bellatrixshine, Magus1108 and PettyPunk), collectively known as the Hand of Despair. The main stories are as follows:

  • A New Luck, which follows all 48 students from the three main canon games, as they are trapped in Hope's Peak Academy and forced into a Killing Game orchestrated by Monokuma;

  • Tranquility Station (upcoming), which follows 16 OC students who were meant to be part of the 80th Class of Hope's Peak, as they are instead trapped in a killing game aboard a space station;

  • Railway of Desolation (upcoming)

  • Kuma-Kuma World (upcoming)

  • Mansion of Monsters (upcoming)

  • Rapture (upcoming)

The spin-off, Versailles Academy, follows 22 Elites from an 'upper-class' school getting pulled into a killing game. It is set in canon, but is not key to the main series' plot.

There is a Wikia page dedicated to the Legacy of Hope.

Spoilers from the actual game series will be unmarked.

As of February 21, 2023, A New Luck has been officially shelved.

Tropes include:

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     Legacy of Hope as a whole 

     A New Luck 
  • For Want of a Nail: This applies not just to the original Danganronpa game, but the original Legacy of Despair, since this is a reboot of it. Various changes are made that have slight impacts on the students, but create a domino effect for the long-term.
    • The real Junko and Mukuro are both participants in the Killing Game along with all the other students, instead of Mukuro pretending to be Junko.
    • Unlike in Legacy of Despair, forming teams and captains was stated in the rules to be a requirement, rather than an idea the students came up with. This leads to all the students, including the loners, being in a group immediately and for changes in the group roster to occur.
  • In-Series Nickname: The Imposter is called Twogami by many of the other students.
  • In Spite of a Nail:
    • Kaede is still executed in Chapter 1.
    • Hifumi still ends up as the victim of Chapter 3.
  • The Leader: At the start of the killing game the students are forced into 6 groups of 8 and need to elect captains, who will have the final say on most group decisions. The captains for each group are Kaede, The Imposter, Fuyuhiko, Sonia, Makoto, and Hajime.

     Tranquility Station 

     Versailles Academy