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Fanfic / Learning To Bloom

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When Sun decides to have his friend Neptune and his crush Weiss go on a double-date with Jaune and Pyrrha, it seemed like a good idea to him. Neptune and Weiss are interested in one another, Jaune is head-over-heels for Pyrrha, and Pyrrha is fond of Jaune. The problem is that, while Pyrrha is fond of Jaune, it is only as a friend. But he's a nice boy and she does enjoy being around him, so Pyrrha tries to make their relationship work in hopes that it'll bloom into a romance without enough time.

On Weiss' end, she quickly notices things about Neptune that she's not particularly fond of. But she pushes her annoyances aside, along with her anxiety about her relationship. She's never been in a relationship and wants to make sure her first one works out in her favour.

Both Weiss and Pyrrha feel conflicted about their relationships and their emotions, but they both try to hide their feelings in hopes that they're just misgivings. All the while, there's a budding attraction between the two young women that neither one understands.

Learning To Bloom is a short 4-chapter RWBY fanfic by momoxtoshiro. It's a Weiss/Pyrrha fanfic dealing with the difficulties of first loves. There is also a series of fan-arts based on the fic.

This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: Instead of Pyrrha liking an oblivious Jaune, Jaune likes Pyrrha (which Pyrrha herself is aware of). Jaune also liked Weiss, but he quickly moved on and focused solely on Pyrrha. Pyrrha, on the other hand, likes Weiss.
  • Alternate Universe Fic: Beacon never fell and the relationship between Pyrrha and Jaune is changed.
  • Everyone Can See It:
    • Jaune's crush on Pyrrha is very obvious. Pyrrha knew of it before even he himself did.
    • Implied with Pyrrha and Weiss. Even Jaune and Neptune felt there was something between the two.
  • Gold Digger: All of Weiss' previous courters had been interested in her solely for her name and money. She worries that Neptune is the same way. The story is ambiguous on whether he's actually usually Weiss as a mealticket and treating her like a trophy girlfriend, or whether Weiss is wrong in her judgement.
  • Loving a Shadow: Weiss' initial attraction to Neptune is only surface level. She likes his looks and charisma. After she notices alarming qualities about Neptune, her feelings for him quickly wither.
  • Slash Fic: The story centers Pyrrha/Weiss, with background Weiss/Neptune and Pyrrha/Jaune. Pyrrha and Weiss don't realize their crushes on one another for most of the fic.