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Fanfic / Learning from the best (whether you want to or not)

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Learning from the best (whether you want to or not) is a The Incredibles/Miraculous Ladybug Crossover oneshot fanfic written by Asexual Individual/Child_of_the_Fae.

Marinette is shocked when she receives a letter accepting her apprenticeship, even though she has no recollection of sending one out to anyone, and she's even more shocked when she finds that the apprenticeship is with famed fashion designer, Edna Mode. Just what does Edna Mode have in store for Marinette?


The fanfic can be read on and Archive of Our Own.

Learning from the best (whether you want to or not) provides examples of:

  • Benevolent Boss: Edna. She provides Marinette with a once in a lifetime apprenticeship, giving her a leg-up in both the fashion community and the superhero community, grants her access to her workshop and supplies and provides a flexible schedule allowing her to do her duties as Ladybug in the process. She later reveals that she already knew that she was Ladybug and encourages her to update her look using her resources.
  • Insufferable Genius: Edna signs Marinette up as her apprentice, only tells her when she receives her acceptance letter, and does not seem to allow her a word in edge-wise. Granted Marinette is a fully-capable amateur fashion-designer and Edna gives her all the leway she needs for her school-life and secret superhero work, so things could be worse.
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  • The Rival: Edna Mode and Gabriel Agreste are this to each other, and Edna claims that she would never miss a chance to show him up.
  • Secret Secret-Keeper: Edna knew the secret identities of both Ladybug and Chat Noir long before she met either of them, this being one of the reasons why she had Marinette established as her official apprentice.
  • Space Compression: In The Incredibles, the city setting Metroville is an American City loosely based off of Chicago, Illinois, with Edna's estate within driving distance from it. Here, Marinette is able to travel there and still attend school and do her hero work in Paris, France on a daily basis. Granted it is very likely that she could have a mansion in France as well, given her successes.
  • Squee!: Being a Fangirl of superheros, Alya nearly loses it when she learns that her best friend is apprenticing under Edna Mode.
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  • Stealth Insult: Marinette is able to read between the lines that Edna is rubbing it in Gabriel's face that she got to Marinette before he did in spite of the professional tone she is speaking in.


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