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Danganronpa: Laughable Rejects is a currently ongoing series by liammarklh88 which features twenty students who are known, unsurprisingly in the Danganronpa universe, as Ultimates. These Ultimates, however, are not in any normal situation where a killing game commences inside of a school building. Instead, what will make this story stand up is the fact that these Ultimates will be 'supposedly' participating in a project that'll remove their talents altogether- the Reverse Revival Project.


The readers are first introduced into this story from the introductions of Ekichirou and Cherika, the Ultimate Lucky Student and Ultimate Unlucky Student.

This Danganronpa fanfic contains examples of:

  • Anyone Can Die: It is a given considering the storyline of the Danganronpa installments.
  • Broken Ace: Can be considered as the Ultimates in this story want to remove their talent.
  • Central Theme: Freedom vs. Captivity.
  • Deadly Game: Well, this is Danganronpa, after all.
  • Murder Mystery: Considering what Danganronpa is, this is a given.
  • The Ace: Everybody in this story is an Ultimate (except for Monokuma).

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